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New York Yankees have too many what If’s


Going into the 2015 campaign, the New York Yankees have more questions than answers. So as the squad begins to assemble in the Sunshine State for spring training all of the local procrastinators are hoping to gather information to see if they can answer some of those questions or “if’s”.

When it comes to the Yankees, should the questions or the “if’s” be answered in the positive, the Yankees could end up winning the American League East. Should those questions or “ifs” be answered in the negative, then the Bronx Bombers can find themselves outside the playoff pictures for third year in a row.

What are some of the “if’s” that Skipper Joe Girardi will have to deal with this summer? Number one, what if the starting rotation does not hold up? In order for the Yankees to go anywhere this season, Masahiro Tanaka, Michael Pineda and CC Sabathia must rebound from their respective injuries. The Yankees are banking on riding their defense all the way to the division crown, and in baseball defense starts with your starting rotation.

Tanaka elected not to have surgery on his ailing elbow and there is a 50/50 chance that he will not reinjure it again. Some feel that his elbow is a ticking time bomb ready to explode. Only time will tell. If his elbow holds up the Yankees will have a chance.

Pineda is also coming off an injury-riddled season. The Yankees are hoping that he can give them 25+ quality starts and 200+ innings. That remains to be seen. The health and durability are the issue here. There’s no question about his talent.

The main question regarding the rotation is what is going on with Sabathia. The big man reported to camp heavier than he did last season but far less than he weighed during his most productive years. The less mass should help his surgically repaired knee but will it help him regain his explosive fastball?

“If” the rotation can hold up, then the Yankees will be in the hunt.

There is the question about life without Jeter. They brought in Didi Gregorious to replace Jeter at shortstop. The Kid is good with the glove but light with the bat, but there are few in baseball that can replace Jeter’s leadership ability and that is what the Yanks are going to miss the most.

Then there is the 800-pound Gorilla in room, Alex Rodriguez. What are the Yanks going to do with A-Rod? What does A-Rod have left? After being suspended for a year and missing most of the previous season with his second hip surgery, Rodriguez has only played in a handful of games over the past two seasons. No one knows what this guy can give you this season. After trying to sue everybody associated with baseball with the exception of the Manager of the McDonald’s at the corner of 161st and River Avenue, has he burned too many bridges? Is he too toxic for the Jeter-less clubhouse? Should he hit less than .200, can the Bronx Bombers afford to keep him on the active roster?  General Manager Brian Cashman and Girardi have some big decision regarding A-Rod.  Good luck with that.

There are too many questions and what if’s that need to be answered before we can determine how the New York Yankees will do this season. Once they are answered then we will have a better idea on how they will do? Right now there are too many unknowns!

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