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The General’s NFL Proclamations-Week 14

Mark Sanchez readies for his biggest game to date Sunday afternoon (picture courtesy of

It’s officially crunch time in the NFL. There are four more weeks of games left. Four more games for teams to either vault themselves into contender status or see their seasons fall by the wayside. And for some teams, they have taken on the spoiler role seeing that the expectations of making the playoffs are now over. And with that being said, some unexpected performances from some unexpected people will happen in this week. Those performances could make or break a team in Week 14. With that being said, let’s get into the General Proclamations for Week 14 of the NFL.

Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears

  1. Demarco Murray will rush for at least 175 yards and two touchdowns versus the Bears. Chicago has not been that great defensively this year. Their defensive backfield is very banged up, but their front seven has had their share of injuries as well. I believe the front seven does not have the power to stand up to the behemoths Dallas has on their offensive line. I bet Murray is licking his chops for the chance to face the Bears.
  2. Jay Cutler will be average to below average versus the Cowboys. Jay Cutler has been worse at home then on the road. I believe he plays better than he usually does at home, given the Cowboys defense has been a little more vulnerable the past few weeks. But Cutler will inevitably make a mistake in this game that will make you scratch your head. I envision Cutler throwing two touchdown passes. I also envision a costly pick at the wrong time as well for Cutler.
  3. Dwayne Harris will have a special teams touchdown this weekend. He has been close for the Cowboys all year long and the last few years he has made some exciting plays via punt/kick returns. I think he is due and this game will be the one he takes one back to the house.


Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals

  1. Pittsburgh will actually show up this week. It seems like the Steelers show up in the big games and are missing in action in the games that seem less important. I expect the Steelers to come out focused and ready to roll against the Bengals.
  2. The Cincinnati Bengals will give up at least three sacks. The Steelers are not the same up front, but I believe the Bengals have a few issues in their offensive line. Ultimately, I believe the Steelers front seven can cause enough confusion to wreak some havoc on Andy Dalton and the Bengals offense.
  3. Bengals running back Jeremy Hill will have 100 yards rushing versus the Steelers. Hill is one of three LSU rookies in the NFL that has made an impact and I believe he will continue to make an impact versus the Steelers this week. Cincinnati will need him to do so.


Indianapolis Colts at Cleveland Browns

  1. Cleveland quarterback Brian Hoyer will have another rough outing. Hoyer almost lost his starting spot this week after he was pulled in the fourth quarter versus the Buffalo Bills. I think he comes out again this week and has a rough one. I am suspecting he will throw at least two interceptions again. We will once again see Johnny Manziel touch the field this week. And this time it could be permanently. This is potentially Hoyer’s last chance to be the starter for Cleveland.
  2. Indianapolis Colts running back Trent Richardson will have a rushing touchdown versus the Browns. Of course he will not have any outstanding rushing numbers again, but with veteran running back Ahmad Bradshaw out, he will get more chances to score on the goal line.
  3. Indianapolis Colts will have more rushing touchdowns than passing touchdowns this game. With Andrew Luck at quarterback for the Colts, you would think the opposite of this one. But he may be getting in on the act on the ground a little more this game.


Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins

  1. The Baltimore Ravens will rush for over 200 yards. The Dolphins just recently gave up a ton of yardage on the ground to the Jets on Monday night. I think the Ravens will have similar success this week versus the Dolphins, who showed some leaks defensively.
  2. Pass rusher Cameron Wake will go without a sack versus the Ravens. With the success of the running game for the Ravens, the unpredictability of the Ravens offense under offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak will have Wake off balance all game long. Add some potentially chipping of running backs on Wake and it could be a silent game for the veteran pass rusher.
  3. Wide receiver Jarvis Landry will continue to play excellent for the Dolphins. The rookie from LSU has been excellent and will be the guy Tannehill looks to when he gets in a crunch. Look for him to have at least one receiving touchdown this week and he will be near 100 yards receiving as well.


Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars

  1. Houston running back Arian Foster will not have 100 yards rushing this week. I believe the Jags will be a little stouter against the run this week and that will cause Foster to affect the game in other ways.
  2. JJ Watt will have the rare combination of a sack, defensive touchdown and an offensive touchdown this game. Watt has been having a great year despite the limited success of the Texans this year. I think he is everywhere yet again on the football field this week.
  3. Jacksonville’s Denard Robinson will have 100 yards rushing. The former college quarterback has fully bought in to being a running back and I expect him to cause a little havoc for the Texans on Sunday.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Detroit Lions

  1. The Detroit Lions will have three sacks or more this week versus the Bucs. The Lions defense has been tough all year long and they have some serious pass rushers on the edges. I think Ziggy Ansah and crew give the Bucs offensive line fits.
  2. Tampa Bay Bucs running backs will not total 100 yards. Remember Doug Martin running the ball for Tampa Bay? Yeah, we don’t remember that much either. He has been non-existent and so has the running game for the Bucs. I expect it to stay dormant this game as well.
  3. Golden Tate and Calvin “Megatron” Johnson will both have 100 yard receiving games. Johnson has been suffering from an ankle injury for most of the season. But I believe he is starting to come around and his performance is starting to show that. And as far as Golden Tate, he handled business while Megatron was gone and will continue to do his thing with Megatron back. You could say that Tate has been the best compliment Megatron has had in his entire NFL career.


St. Louis Rams at Washington Redskins

  1. The Rams scored 50 points last week. I believe they score 30+ this week versus Washington. The Rams have been kicking into high gear the last few weeks and I believe the Redskins do not have the weapons to stop them defensively. The boom may be lowered on Washington this weekend.
  2. Colt McCoy will not throw for 200 yards. I believe the offense of the Redskins will look very spotty. Add to it that the offense is not that explosive outside of DeSean Jackson and lacks consistency and the Redskins fans may be looking at another eyesore of a game offensively.
  3. The Rams will have five sacks this week. That front four of St. Louis is young and talented. I believe their skill, athleticism and talent will overwhelm the Redskins offensive line.


Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints

  1. Drew Brees will have a field day versus the Panthers secondary. The Panthers have two older, veteran safeties that were considered to be subs at this point in their career. Match them up against Saints tight end Jimmy Graham and that is trouble. And if you look at the defensive backs of the Panthers versus the wide receivers of the Saints, the speed of the Saints receivers stands out. Burn Notice will be starring the Carolina Panthers defensive backs this game.
  2. Cam Newton will continue to struggle this week. It seems as if Cam is a little defeated and who can blame him? The Panthers put no pieces around him besides a rookie receiver and a veteran tight end. Add to that the injury that he is trying to play through and Cam is just not been himself this season. He could be looking at another fumble and two interceptions this week.
  3. The Carolina Panthers offensive line will give up four sacks this week. Cam has been running for his life all season long and this game will be no different. Will someone please call 911 for some help for Cam? His offensive line does nothing to give him protection at all.


New York Giants at Tennessee Titans

  1. New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. will have at least 10 catches for 150 yards and two touchdowns. The dynamic rookie wide receiver has been turning heads with his stunning play and the Titans have no one that will be able to stop him. Look forward to him celebrating at LP Field Titans fans.
  2. Titans running back Bishop Sankey has had some good games and some disappearing acts on the field as well. I expect him to get it going against the Giants on Sunday afternoon. The Giants have not exactly been the greatest against the run.
  3. Eli Manning will not throw an interception. This statement is more an indictment of the Titans defense. Eli is going to give the Titans some chances to intercept some passes. But the Titans have not exactly been great at picking passes off.


New York Jets at Minnesota Vikings

  1. Percy Harvin will have a big game. Going back to play a former team can have two effects on a player. You can play nervous and not be yourself or you can come out with something to prove. I believe Percy comes out on fire and the Jets comply by giving him the football in great situations. I think he scores at least one touchdown offensively and on special teams and has 150 total yards for the New York Jets.
  2. Minnesota quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has been uneven as the starting quarterback of the Vikings. I think this game will be the perfect picture of that unevenness. He will make some mistakes in the passing game and the Jets will make at least one of those mistakes become a turnover. But Bridgewater will also make some big plays in the passing game. I look for him to finish with two touchdowns and one interception.
  3. Geno Smith will throw at least two interceptions. It just seems like Geno can have special moments and then follow that up with some of the most unexplainable throws and decisions imaginable. I think he has some more of those unexplainable moments against a defense that can make plays at times.


Buffalo Bills at Denver Broncos

  1. Denver wide receivers Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders will both score one touchdown and have 100 yards receiving. The duo has done this before this year and I believe this game will be the time they will do so again.
  2. Buffalo will not total 100 yards rushing as a team. The Broncos will be out ahead and eventually, the Bills will have to abandon the run. That will consequently hurt them in the running game and give them less chances to eclipse the century mark on the ground.
  3. Denver’s Von Miller will not have a sack. Miller will be there to pressure the quarterback as will DeMarcus Ware, but Ware will make it home this game. Miller will not.


Kansas City Chiefs at Arizona Cardinals

  1. The Arizona Cardinals will not score 20 points. The offense was once clicking at least a little bit. But ever since quarterback Carson Palmer went out for the season that seemed to take the air out of the offense. And with wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald banged up as well, I don’t see Drew Stanton making it happen for them. The only way the Cardinals score more than 20 is if the defense either scores themselves or gives the offense a short field to work with.
  2. Kansas City running back Jamaal Charles will rush for 100 yards and have a touchdown. The Cardinals have been a very stingy defense this year. But Charles is the offense for the Chiefs and with the creative ways the Chiefs get him the football, he will give the Cardinals fits.
  3. The field goal kickers in this game will have a huge effect on the outcome. Both teams may have issues finishing drives. With that being said, the kickers are going to have to take advantage of every opportunity given. One miss could cost them the game.


Philadelphia Eagles at Seattle Seahawks

  1. Philadelphia quarterback Mark Sanchez has had his moments at quarterback for the Eagles. I think this game he comes out and has a bunch of moments. Who can forget the bad feelings that Seahawks coach Pete Carroll (then the coach of the USC Trojans) had when Sanchez decided to leave school early for the NFL. They both say they have put that behind them, but I believe Sanchez still has an ax to grind and will come out ready to go. Look for three touchdown passes and one interception from Sanchez versus the defending champs.
  2. Running backs LeSean McCoy and Marshawn Lynch will both have 100 yards rushing this game. Both are dynamic running backs and the Eagles and Seahawks will definitely get both involved. And these two will also be the barometer of this game as well.
  3. Seattle defensive back Richard Sherman will be tested this game, but not the way you would think. I think Philly will go at Sherman. But the thing that Philly will do most will be to probably run some quicker routes at Sherman to make him have to react quicker than normal.


San Francisco 49ers at Oakland Raiders

  1. San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick will run the ball more than he has all season in this game. Kaepernick has been hanging in the pocket more this season and that, along with some issues on the offensive line, have caused him to be the most sacked quarterback in the NFL. I think he gets on the move more this game and puts pressure on the Raiders defense.
  2. The Oakland running game will be non-existent. Of course the Raiders will attempt to run the football, but against this front it will not happen. And if they try to attack through the air it will be tough for them as well.
  3. There will be no fights in the stands this game. Last time the Raiders played the 49ers, it was a preseason game and there was a fight in the stands with 49ers and Raiders fans. With extra security at the game, I believe there will be no fights in the stands. Hopefully that holds true to after the game as well.


New England Patriots at San Diego Chargers

  1. The Patriots will get back to the running game more this week. Expect running back LaGarrette Blount to get the party started running right at that Chargers. I look for him to total 100 yards rushing and lead the Patriots running game.
  2. San Diego quarterback Phillip Rivers will still be hot coming into this game. Last week the Chargers overcame a 21 point deficit to the Ravens in the fourth quarter and pulled out a win on the strength of River’s arm. This week, he comes out and throws for three touchdowns and no interceptions as he challenges Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis and the Patriots secondary.
  3. Both teams will score more than 30 points in this game. The Chargers and Patriots are both teams that can produce points in a variety of ways. I think we see that this game as both teams will make it happen offensively.


Atlanta Falcons at Green Bay Packers

  1. Aaron Rodgers will continue his mastery of opposing defenses. The surgeon has been performing surgeries on opposing defenses all year long and this game will be no exception. He will take it to another level in this game though. He will throw for five touchdown passes and no interceptions. Also, he will throw for 380 yards. The surgeon is in the house folks!
  2. Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan will only throw one touchdown pass. Ryan has been a steady quarterback, but with the pressure he will be under all game long, he will not have enough time to even make things happen with the weapons he has in the passing game.
  3. The Packers will score 45 points in this game. What can you really say about the Packers? They are on fire at the right time of the year and the Falcons defense does not offer a bunch of resistance.


Week 14 is upon us. The proclamations have been made. It’s going to be interesting to see who makes things happen and who disappears as the NFL nears playoff time.


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