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NFL Week 8 Rankings by Derrel “Jazz” Johnson

1.New England Patriots. Having been under the radar all season, the Patriots now have the best record in the league at 6-1. Hard to say a team has improved with the loss of Randy Moss, but the reacquisition of Deion Branch may make New England forget about the troublesome Moss. Tom Brady has the offensive looking almost as good as their last Super Bowl appearance.

2.Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers are 5-2 after a loss to the New Orleans Saints, 20-10. Still, with two-time Super Bowl winning starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger leading the offense and Troy Polamalu leading the defense, the Steelers will be in any game they play this season.

3.Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens come off a bye week to play the Miami Dolphins.  Quality victories against the New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers, as well as a solid defense and offense that will continue to improve with the acquisition of Anquan Boldin, place this Joe Flacco-led team as one of the most dangerous and a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

4.Indianapolis Colts. The Colts avenged a Week 1 loss to the Houston Texans and won 30-17. The Colts have been a staple at the top of anyone’s top 10 rankings in the Peyton Manning Era and continue to be so. Losing Pro Bowl Tight End Dallas Clark will hurt, but the Colt offense always seems to know how to put points on the board.

5.New York Jets. The Jet defense played well, but the offense looked awful in a 9-0 loss to the Green Bay Packers. The Jets rebounded from an awful-looking first game, and will need to do the same against an improved Detroit Lion team this week. They will need to, as the AFC continues to be a tough conference this season.

6.The New York Giants. The New York Giants have knocked five quarterbacks out of games this season, most recently Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo in their last game. When playing their best on defense, the Giants are a tough team to beat, as they have shown the Bears, Cowboys and Texans earlier this season. They should be focused coming off a bye week.

7. New Orleans Saints. The defending Super Bowl champions regained their form from last year in a quality victory against last week’s number one team Pittsburgh Steelers. With game-changing talent Reggie Bush possibly returning this week, the Saints have the talent to make a run at another Super Bowl.

8. Atlanta Falcons. Matt Ryan and Michael Turner lead a versatile offense that has the Falcons with the best record in the NFC.  Earning the top spot has to be the goal of the team, and, playing in the weaker conference, it is possible.

9. Green Bay Packers.  The Packers have the second-highest scoring team in the NFC and a solid defense, why many predicted them to make a Super Bowl run.  A quality win over the New York Jets have many taking notice of the Packers again.

10.Tennessee Titans. The Titans are the highest-scoring team in the league, and they just acquired Randy Moss.  If he is focused, they have two of the best offensive options in the league, combined with Chris Johnson.  Moss, on his third team this season, could become a huge distraction and cause the team to falter.


  1. KeiJuan "Keyez"

    November 6, 2010 at 9:53 pm

    Fact: The Patriots have the best record. Fact: The Giants started off slowly. Neither or which are indicative of who these teams really are. The Pats have a favorable early schedule an play awful on the road. Factor this with a lack of a running game and you get a recipe for a late season collapse. I rank them no higher than 5 th behind the Steelers, Ravens, Giants, and Jets. All in all you nailed it, maybe it’s just the Yankees fan in me opposing any credit given to anything Boston

    • razzandjazzsports

      November 7, 2010 at 2:10 am

      Good insight. They do have a very explosive passing game, and, down the stretch, in close games, they know how to win.

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