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Oh What a Disappointing Sports Weekend by Marc “Razz” Rasbury


Have you seen this man?  Alex Rodriguez has been missing since the start of the ALDS.

Have you seen this man? Alex Rodriguez has been missing since the start of the ALDS.

If you are a true New York sports fan, you probably returned to work this week feeling a little down.  Not only were our beloved New York Yankees bounced from the playoffs by the Detroit Tigers, but both the New York Jets and New York Giants lost their games on Sunday.  The sad thing is that all three games were winnable.


Mark Sanchez Was Good, but Brady Was Better

Mark Sanchez Was Good, but Brady Was Better

As the Yankees cleaned out their lockers on Friday and Saturday, collectively they knew that had blown a golden opportunity.  Many had felt that the Game one rain postponement would hurt their chances to win the series since CC Sabathia would only get one true chance to take the mound.  His Game one outing was abbreviated after one inning due to the rain and that just left him to start Game three.  In my humble opinion, it helped the Yankees because they did not have to face Tigers ace Justin Verlander twice this series.  He was the hottest pitcher coming into the postseason and he was going to present some serious problems for the Bronx Bombers.

The funny thing about this series is that everybody was worried about the Yankees pitching.  The hurlers held up their end of the bargain.  It was the mighty bats that came up short in this series.  If you would have told me that AJ Burnett was going to take the mound in an elimination situation and pitch a six-inning gem, I would have thought you were drunk.  On the other hand, you could not have convinced me that the Yankees would have had the base loaded twice in Game five and only come up with one run, and that was forced in due to a walk.  I would think that you were drunk as well.  Well both of those scenarios took place. Burnett came through in a pressure situation and the bats did not answer the bell.

The four through six batters went a combined 3 for 43 at one point in the series.  They stranded countless batters in scoring position.  If you load the bases twice and only come away with one run, you do not deserve to win a game.  Don’t blame the pitchers.  This loss falls on the shoulders of the batters, namely Mark Teixeira, Nick Swisher and especially Alex Rodriguez.

We were hoping that the Giants were going to help us get over our Yankee Hangover.  Unfortuatley, they let us down in a big way.  Big Blue played uninspired football in losing to the lowly Seattle Seahawks, 31-21, at home no less.  As bad as they played, the Giants still had a chance to win the game.  However, quarterback Eli Manning threw an off-target pass as he was leading the team on a game-winning drive.  The pass ended up being returned for back-breaking touchdown interception.

Then we have our beloved Gang Green, who lost to the hated New England Patriots, 30-21.  Most folks thought that the Jets were going to lose this game, but the sad thing is that they had a chance to win this game.  The receivers, who were complaining that they were not getting the ball thrown their way, dropped more catchable passes than the law allows.  The running game improved somewhat, 97 yards gained, but that was against one of the worst defenses statically in the National Football League.

The two loses did not eliminate the Jets and Giants from playoff contention, however, it does make it a harder road to travel.  Winning their respective divisions is not out of the question, but securing the wild card spots are more likely, given the way the conferences are shaping up.

The Yankees will have all off-season to lament on “What could have been”.  The Jets and Giants still have a chance to right the ship, but they made their respective jobs more difficult as they both blew golden opportunities this weekend.  Eventually, most New York sport fans will get over this weekend, but the sting will linger a bit.

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