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Pete Carroll’s foolish decision cost Seahawks Super Bowl


Marshawn Lynch led the National Football League with 17 touchdowns this season, including 13 rushing. He was fourth in the league in rushing yards, with 1,306.  He had already rushed for 102 yards during the Super Bowl versus the defense of the New England Patriots, including running for four yards on first and goal from the five-yard line.  His nickname, BeastMode, was given to him for his ability to shed and carry defenders for more yards.  On second and goal from the one-yard line, there are eight-year olds who play Madden 2015 that know the right call to make.  Unfortunately for Seahawk fans, head coach Pete Carroll overthought the situation and it cost the Seahawks a second-straight win.

Yes, New England was in a goal line defense, but when you are good enough to be in the Super Bowl, on the goal line, you do what got you to the Super Bowl regardless of what defense your opponent is in.  You do what you do best, and that is run the football with Marshawn Lynch.  As I was sitting and watching the game, I was contemplating if I would run or pass the ball on third down, as, to me, it was a forgone conclusion, after Lynch just gained four yards with the ball at the one, the Seahawks would run on second down.  Heck, you could have ran a bootleg with your mobile quarterback on third down and ran again on fourth down was my thinking.  Instead, Carroll called a play that you would call if you had an average running back and an elite quarterback, like the one who is under center for the Patriots, Tom Brady.

Russell Wilson eyed the receiver he was targeting, Ricardo Lockette, the entire play, which allowed Malcolm Butler to intercept the ball and seal an incredible Super Bowl win for the Patriots, the fourth for the head coach/quarterback combination of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.  For that play call, for outsmarting yourself and not putting the ball in the hands of your best offensive player on the one-yard line, you, Pete Carroll, get the inaugural “You Big Dummy” award for letting your team, city and all fans of the Seattle Seahawks.  Congratulations.



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