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The Philadelphia 76ers(And Their Fans) Are Being Duped By Sam Hinkie

Heinke looks on as his 76ers continue to lose. What his his plan exactly again?( photo courtesy of

The Philadelphia 76ers are suffering through another season of losing. The team seems to be going nowhere fast and General Manager and President of Basketball Operations Sam Hinkie continues to press upon the fans of the team the importance of patience and building things the right way. But while that happens, fans are continually subjected to loss after loss and a team that seems to have no direction on the court. Some fans have bought into what Hinkie is preaching, while some are very skeptical of his approach. The fans of the NBA and the 76ers continue to have dialogue in regards to what Hinkie is doing. But one Hans Christian Andersen story has a perfect picture of what is going on in Philly.

The Emperor’s New Clothes was a story that first appeared in 1837, and though it has been told many times and been done in many different ways, the premise is always the same. There is a vain emperor that is promised a new suit to those who are unfit for their positions, stupid or incompetent. In one story, it is told that two weavers promise the new suit of clothes for the emperor, while in another version of the story, it is told that one man came to visit the emperor to tell him he could make the most beautiful robe in the world for him. In both storylines, clothes were made for the emperor and he was excited over what was to be made. Well, the garment was “made” and he wore it in a parade in front of his people as they pretended to see what he was wearing. But it took one kid to start laughing and point out that he was wearing absolutely nothing as he paraded through the town. The whole town started to laugh at the emperor as he continued his ride through the town as his supposed “great garments” were nothing at all. The emperor had been fooled and the people who fooled him had the last laugh.

In case you did not recognize who was the Philly fan in this story, it was the emperor. You all have been told about the patience to build a good team by Hinkie since he started tearing down this team and stocking them with talents that would not even be on most NBA rosters. And as time goes on, he has talked about building with pieces that he is reportedly not even confident in himself. We all heard the rumors of Michael Carter-Williams and two of his last three first-round picks have been guys who were injured and sat out the first year of their career. But Philly fans that stay confident in him are just like the emperor, thinking things are looking good but are far from it. All the while Hinkie is still filling your ears with talk of building a team right and building for longstanding success. While you all are waiting for the success from the 76ers, the rest of the league is laughing at the organization. They are the crowd and the little boy that started laughing at the emperor during his parade through the city. And at this point, they are still laughing at the Sixers today.

But the biggest culprit in the state of the Sixers is Sam Hinkie. He has systematically made them into one of the worst teams in the NBA in his tenure. Before he got there, many could say the same bad things about the Sacramento Kings. But the Kings seem to have some type of direction as they have paired up big man Demarcus Cousins and wing player Rudy Gay. As far as the 76ers, they have a lot of folks no one wanted yet champion them as pieces potentially in their master plan. Besides Michael Carter-Williams (who the 76ers are not sure of themselves), KJ McDaniels and Nerlens Noel, who is a piece on this team that anyone thinks can be a building block. Yet Hinkie continues to insist he is trying to build for long-term success? This is as fraudulent as the people who were making the garments in the stories about the emperor’s new clothes. And in the end, he will be exposed for doing nothing but collecting a check and getting 76ers fans to believe in something he does not even see himself.

Sixers fans, there could be some light at the end of the tunnel. But as Charles Barkley said about the Knicks, “ That light could be a train.” With Hinkie in charge, that train is coming down the tracks and no one knows where it is going. It could right itself but it also could fall off the tracks. But one thing is for sure with the 76ers team and organization: they are in trouble as long as Hinkie is around unless he shows some improvement in how he wants to construct this team. The future and building a consistent winner is important, but building a winner soon may keep you around long enough to see that future. Just a tip for you Hinkie.


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  1. Shanitra

    December 23, 2014 at 8:31 pm

    The 76ers owner is just doing them no justice. He needs to figure this debacle out as soon as possible because that is a talented young team and its a shame. Figure it out sooner than later.

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