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Pimping His Child by Marc “Razz” Rasbury

I myself like to give people the benefit of the doubt and assume that folks are innocent until proven guilty. However, as this Cam Newton saga evolves down in Auburn, I’m starting to believe that there is fire because I’m sensing smoke.

Three former Mississippi State players/recruits have been quoted as saying that Newton and his father, The Good Reverend Cecil Newton told them that Cam was not going to sign with any team unless the family was paid up to $200,000 for his signature on a National Letter of Intent.

Now this comes on the heels of all of the issues and allegations that plagued Cam Newton’s final days at the University of Florida. He was expelled from that school after he was found to be in possession of a stolen laptop. Then he was accused of plagiarizing not once, but twice, with the same professor.

Newton left Florida and enrolled at Blinn Junior College. That’s when things got interesting. The rumors surfaced about his dad’s “Play for Pay Requests” from the Mississippi State family and the academic misconduct from the University of Florida camp. Now the cynics among us might say, “is it not ironic that two South East Conference (SEC) foes, both who feel that they were burnt by this kid, released this information after Cam bolted to the front of the Heisman Trophy race.

The truth of the matter is that MSU reported this to the NCAA back in January. The NCAA, based on what was given to them at that time, did not pursue the allegations any further. Now the word has come out that the Good Reverend’s church needed $200,000 in repairs to avoid being condemned. Then, somewhere in between Cam reneging on his verbal commitment to MSU and his enrolling at Auburn, the repairs were made to the church and it passed the building inspection. Now I’m not the smartest tool in the shed but, after spending 25 years in the construction industry, I know there has to be a money trail on the Owner’s end as well as the Contractor’s end. The NCAA has reopened their investigation and the FBI has also joined the party. If any funny business took place, I assure you that it will come out.

As far as the academic allegations at Florida, the school expelled him and that is part of his past. I’m not condoning what he allegedly did while at Gainesville but everybody deserves a second chance and this kid is making the most of it. Do you think this information would have come out if Cam had transferred to a Pac 10 or Mountain West school?

I know you say where there is smoke, there is fire. Yet I like to give folks the benefit of the doubt. Cam Newton has been a breath of fresh air since the beginning of the season. He is good for college football and I’m glad that Auburn is standing behind him although their support appears to have waned a little bit.

Maybe that is because the Good Reverend did indicate last week that he did solicit Cam’s services without his son’s knowledge. Couple this with the fact that the Good Reverend never denied the allegations. He only issued a “no comment statement.” Then, when Cam made it known that he was going to Auburn instead of MSU, Cecil Newton came out and said that it was a family decision. That made me go, HMMMM. But until I see that money exchanged hands, I am going to stick with my convictions that the kid did not know anything about this mess.

It would have been a shame if Auburn pulled this kid based on allegations. Can you imagine if they would have buckled under pressure and sat him until the investigations ran their course only to find out that he was innocent? Not only would they ruin their chance at a shot at the National Title but they would have cost Cam a shot at the Heisman.

You cannot turn back the hands of time. If he is guilty, the National Title and the Heisman will be yanked anyway. But if all of this mess is unfounded, we might be treated to one of the best storybook season in recent memory. I just hope that the Good Reverend practices what he preaches!


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