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The General’s NFL Proclamations-Week 10

john patton

The Cleveland Browns were on fire against the Cincinnati Bengals this past Thursday as they surged to 6-3 in the conference and continued their ascension in the AFC North. The win was not as surprising as the way the win happened. The Browns dominated from start to finish, as the Bengals seemed to sleepwalk through the game. That was definitely unexpected, but what was even more expected was the performance of Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton. He did not even throw for 100 yards and he also threw three interceptions as well. Not a good night for Dalton and definitely a shocker how he performed. That game got us started this week and with the performances, or lack thereof in some instances, it shows that some wild things can happen in each and every game. With that being said, here are the General’s Proclamations for Week 10 in the NFL.

San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints

  1. San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick will account for three total touchdowns versus the Saints. I expect the young signal-caller to rebound from his game last weekend and come out swinging. And versus a Saints defense that has not been as good as they were last year, this is not what they want to see.
  2. New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram will have a long day. I expect him to get in the endzone at least once, but I do not think he will get 100 yards this week versus the 49ers run defense.
  3. The New Orleans Saints defense will have at least two sacks. Let’s face it: the Niners offensive line has been pretty bad in pass protection. I expect the Saints to exploit that weakness when th NIners drop back to pass.


Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills

  1. Bills quarterback Kyle Orton will not throw an interception. The veteran quarterback has been a breath of fresh air for Buffalo at quarterback and I expect he continues to play well. One thing he has done is not turn the ball over and I believe he will continue to value the football versus the Chiefs.
  2. Kansas City quarterback Alex Smith will not throw for 250 yards this game. Smith may be efficient as a quarterback, but he also does not have but one burner that can line up at wide receiver. And because of that, Smith’s numbers will be economical, but not gaudy in terms of yards.
  3. Buffalo’s special teams will make a big play. The Bills are minus CJ Spiller on special teams. But even with him gone, I look for Buffalo to make something happen on special teams this game. The Chiefs must be aware of the Bills trying some things on special teams.


Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  1. The Falcons and the Buccaneers will both give up at least two sacks. Both teams have had issues protecting and this week should not be any different. I look for both defensive fronts to have a good day rushing the passer.
  2. Quarterback Matt Ryan will connect with wide receiver Julio Jones at least twice this weekend. The Atlanta Falcons have not had these two connect enough this season. Against the Bucs, they make up for lost time. The Bucs secondary better be ready.
  3. There will be no running backs run for 100 yards. Both teams have not been that great in the running game and this week will not be any exception. Look for the teams to attempt to run but not have that much success.


Dallas Cowboys at Jacksonville Jaguars

  1. The Cowboys will get back to basics. The Cowboys have been most effective when they run the football. And in this game versus the Jaguars, I would look to see DeMarco Murray get at least 25 carries. And when he gets his touches, good things happen.
  2. Jacksonville wide receiver Allen Robinson will have a good game versus the Cowboys. Robinson, with his size and ability, can give a secondary fits. And I expect the Cowboys to have a little bit of one when they see this guy running through their secondary. I expect Robinson to get them at least once for a touchdown and he might even get 100 yards receiving as well.
  3. Dez Bryant will have a better game than last week. The playmaking wide receiver was quiet last week versus the Cardinals, but I expect this week he will play better and be more productive. I’m sure he will be glad to see the Jaguars defense this week as oppose to the Cardinals defense. I think Dez gets at least 100 yards receiving and a touchdown.


Pittsburgh Steelers at New York Jets

  1. Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will have another good game. Look for him to take advantage of the Jets secondary with all the weapons he has at the wide receiver position. I think he goes for three touchdowns and at least 300 yards passing.
  2. New York Jets quarterback Michael Vick will not have a good day. He was efficient last week even in the loss, but this week will not be the same. I expect the Steelers to continue to cause issues like they did last week for the Ravens offense. Vick will take at least two sacks and will throw at least one interception.
  3. Chris Ivory will rush for under 100 yards. He has definitely outperformed free agent acquisition Chris Johnson and has taken the lion’s share of the carries. I expect him to attack the Steelers defense with aggression and make some things happen in the running game.


Miami Dolphins at Detroit Lions

  1. Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill will fall back to reality this week. The young quarterback has been playing at the highest level in his career to date so far, but he has not seen a front seven like the Detroit Lions this season. I expect the pressure to cause Tannehill to make some mistakes. Look for at least two turnovers from him in this game.
  2. Detroit Lions will have at least two sacks. As previously mentioned, the Lions front seven is really good, even without veteran linebacker Stephen Tulloch (lost for the season with a torn ACL). And what is even more special about this team is their front four. Those guys in the front four at the staple of that defense and they will make their presence felt without a doubt.
  3. Detroit wide receiver Calvin Johnson will have a good game in his return. Megatron has said he will play this week and I expect him to not only play, but to dominate the Miami defensive backs. Look for 100 yards and a touchdown from Megatron versus the Dolphins.


Tennessee Titans at Baltimore Ravens

  1. Baltimore Ravens tight end Owen Daniels will have a good game versus the Titans. The veteran tight end always gave the Titans problems when he was the tight end for the Houston Texans. I expect him to remember those days when he sees them again and consequently he will have a big game receiving. I think he has at least two touchdown catches versus the lowly Titans.
  2. Tennessee Titans running back Bishop Sankey will reach 100 yards rushing. Although it seems highly unlikely, the rookie running back has had some effective moments when he has had the opportunity to run the football. I think he gets his opportunities to make some things happen out of the backfield in this game.
  3. The Tennessee Titans will not have a sack. The Titans do not provide much of a pass rush outside of defensive lineman Jurrell Casey, who is their best defensive player. I expect the Ravens to shift their protections toward him and make other beat them. And with the players the Titans have on defense, I do not think they have enough to make an impact once Casey is blocked.


Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders

  1. Oakland quarterback Derek Carr will have at least two interceptions in this game. As the game goes on, the Denver defense will turn up the heat on the rookie quarterback. And as that happens, the young signal caller will make some mistakes in the passing game.
  2. Denver running back Ronnie Hillman will rush for 100 yards. The speedster from San Diego State has been playing very well the last few weeks and I expect that to continue with this game. The Raiders have not been the scariest defense in the NFL and I don’t expect that to change this week either.
  3. Demarcus Ware and Von Miller will combine for five sacks. These two are the best pass-rushing tandem in the NFL and this week the Raiders will get to experience them. Look for the Raiders offensive line to have fits when the Raiders get in obvious passing situations.


St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals

  1. Rams running back Tre Mason will get at least 100 yards rushing. The rookie from Auburn runs the ball hard and I think his style of running will be something that will affect the Cardinals. I think he has a big game in the Desert.
  2. Arizona quarterback Carson Palmer will have a bad day in the office versus the Rams. The pass rush of the Rams has been cranked up the last few weeks. I think the pressure will cause some issues for Palmer and he will make some mistakes in the passing game. I expect he will have one, if not two, interceptions this week.
  3. Rams wide receiver/return man Tavon Austin will make a big play on special teams this game. The speedster from West Virginia has been close a few times this season and I think this game will be the one he finally breaks a big return. If I was Arizona, I would be careful when kicking to Austin.


New York Giants at Seattle Seahawks

  1. Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch will have at least two touchdowns this game. The veteran running back was the focus of the offense last weekend versus the Raiders and I expect him to continue to be that going forward. Look for the Seahawks to get Marshawn at least 25 touches this week. And when that happens, good things happen for Seattle and points get put on the board.
  2. Giants quarterback Eli Manning will throw at least one interception. The Giants have had issues running the football this year and that means he will have more chances to put the ball in the air. And going against Seattle, Eli may not enjoy putting the ball in the air that much.
  3. Tight end Larry Donnell will have a good game versus the Seahawks. He has played well in some games and disappeared in others, but with Cam Chancellor still showing signs of not being the same since his offseason hip surgery, Donnell could have a good one. Look for a touchdown catch and potentially 100 yards receiving.


Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers

  1. Bears quarterback Jay Cutler will continue to have his woes versus the Packers. Statistically, Cutler has not been great versus the Packers. And in this game at Lambeau Field, he will continue the trend. Look for two interceptions at the least for Cutler this week.
  2. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will torch the Bears defense. Look for Rodgers to have 300 yards passing and two touchdowns. With the struggles of the Bears defense still evident and the tandem of Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb hitting their stride at wide receiver, this one could get ugly for Chicago defensively.
  3. There heat will intensify on Bears coach Mark Trestman will pick up after this game. I expect the Bears will not look very good. And with the performance of this team along with the expectations that were placed on them before the season, I expect the radio airwaves to go after him in the Windy City.


Carolina Panthers at Philadelphia Eagles

  1. Philadelphia quarterback Mark Sanchez will have two interceptions in this game. Sanchez came out last week playing well in relief of injured starter Nick Foles. But he ended the game struggling in the passing game. I expect him to come out this week and continue the struggles he had during the end of the Texans game last week.
  2. Cam Newton will have a bounceback game versus the Eagles. Cam has been criticized in some pockets of media for what some view has his regression this season. I expect him to rise to the occasion this week and take advantage of an Eagles secondary that has been known to allow a few big plays to happen. He will not throw for 300 yards, but he will have success and will throw for at least two touchdowns.
  3. Jeremy Maclin will gain 100 yards receiving versus the Panthers. He has come back from last year’s ACL tear very well and he will continue playing at a high level versus a Panthers secondary that does not really scare anyone.


The General has spoken. The Proclamations have been made. Week 10 is upon us. Enjoy the games everyone.

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