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The General’s NFL Proclamations-Week 15

LeSean McCoy avoids a potential tackler. Can he make them miss like this versus Dallas this week? ( photo courtesy of

Week 15 in the NFL started off with a defensive struggle between the St. Louis Rams and the Arizona Cardinals. Both teams settled for field goals all night long as the Cardinals held on for the 12-6 win in St. Louis. But the defensive struggle was not the most amazing part. The interesting thing is the Cardinals were able to hold on to the lead despite losing quarterback Drew Stanton, who was replacing starter Carson Palmer, with a knee injury. The Cardinals showed that it does not matter who is at quarterback, they can still make it happen and win games. No one could have said the Cardinals would have made it as far as they have while playing four different quarterbacks this season. Truly unexpected production despite that happenings. And with that being said, let’s look for some more unexpected things to happen in this week’s General Proclamations.


Green Bay Packers at Buffalo Bills

  1. Buffalo Bills defensive lineman Mario Williams will have two sacks versus the Packers. The Bills are one of the best pass-rushing teams in the NFL. And of course Williams is the leader of that crew. He will lead by example versus the Packers.
  2. Buffalo Bills quarterback Kyle Orton will throw at least two interceptions versus the Packers. The veteran quarterback has not been that great over the last couple of weeks and this week will be a continuation of that bad play. Look for Green Bay to have plenty of opportunities to pick off passes but only come up with two of them.
  3. Neither team will have a 100 yard running back in this game. Buffalo’s offense is struggling at this point and without a consistent passing game, there will be less openings for the running backs to make things happen. As for Green Bay, Lacy and Starks can be very effective, but the fact that they share carries and Green Bay likes to pass the football will eat into their carries and their chances for 100 yards rushing.


Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns

  1. Johnny Manziel is the main story in this game for a lot of people watching this game. So let’s get down to what his performance will be. Manziel will be exciting, but he will make a mistake that will lead to an interception. But the other part of that excitement is the big plays he can make. I expect Manziel to put pressure on the Bengals defense and throw at least one touchdown and run for another.
  2. Cincinnati running back Jeremy Hill will rush for over 100 yards and two touchdowns. The rookie from LSU has been special this season and I expect that to continue this game. The Browns can be touched up in the running game and the Bengals are just the team to make that happen this week.
  3. Cleveland will have more sacks than the Cincinnati Bengals. I believe that with the noise and excitement of Johnny starting this game, the defense will feed off of it and make some big plays when getting close to Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton.


Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs

  1. Rookie quarterback Derek Carr will have two touchdown passes and no interceptions versus the Chiefs. The youngster has not been that bad at all this year and I believe his progression will continue this game versus Kansas City.
  2. Alex Smith will be looking to atone for what happened when the Chiefs last saw the Raiders. Unfortunately, he will not do so in the way he wants to. Smith will have one touchdown pass, but he will have at least two turnovers in this game.
  3. Jamaal Charles will run for 120 yards and two touchdowns. The running back from the University of Texas has been the offense for the Chiefs this year and he will continue to do so in this game. And the Raiders could be chasings him all game long.


Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts

  1. Houston running back Arian Foster will have 150+ total yards versus the Colts. The versatile running back from the University of Tennessee has been superb in the passing and running game. This game will be no exception.
  2. Trent Richardson will not rush for 50 yards. The running back out of Alabama has a strength of being able to absorb hits, but that has not helped his vision when hitting holes unfortunately. Combine the lack of vision with their suspect offensive line and you can see why they have had problems in the running game.
  3. Colts quarterback Andrew Luck will throw for 300 yards and have four touchdown passes. I know JJ Watt is lurking defensively for the Texans, but the young signal-caller from Stanford will be poised enough to maneuver the pocket and make the Texans pay in the passing game.


Pittsburgh Steelers at Atlanta Falcons

  1. Pittsburgh wide receiver Martavis Bryant will have a 100 yard game. The young wide receiver is explosive in the passing game and the Falcons have been less than impressive against the passing game. Those combos spell doom for the Falcons defense.
  2. Atlanta’s Matt Ryan will get sacked 4 times. The Atlanta offensive line is a patchwork quilt of players at this time. Combine that with them having to face Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau and that could spell trouble for the veteran signal-caller.
  3. The Pittsburgh Steelers will come out to play in this game. The Steelers have made a habit of playing up or down to their competition. I believe since it is close to playoff time, they will be locked in and ready to go versus the Falcons.


Washington Redskins at New York Giants

  1. New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning will look solid in this game. He will not throw an interception and he will also throw for two touchdowns (one of which will go to rookie Odell Beckham Jr.).
  2. Washington running back Alfred Morris will rush for 100 yards and a touchdown. Hopefully he can finish the season on a strong note. The rotating cast at quarterback has affected his production. Fortunate for him he is facing the Giants defense this weekend. That should be a sight for sore eyes for Alfred.
  3. The Giants defense will give up not only one but two big plays to DeSean Jackson. The speedy wide receiver has been giving the Giants nightmares ever since the improbable comeback he was a part of as a Philadelphia Eagle. Well, he will continue to give the Giants nightmares, but this time as a member of the Redskins.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers

  1. Cam Newton will rush for one touchdown and throw for two more. Maybe last week was a breakthrough for Cam and the Panthers. This week will tell us if Cam is back on track or if he is falling off the tracks again. I think he is back on track.
  2. Tampa Bay will not total 300 yards of offense. The Bucs offense has made their fans yell Yuck all year long (despite the great play of rookie wide receiver Mike Evans of late). This game will remind us all how bad the Bucs truly are.
  3. Carolina linebacker Luke Kuechly will have 15+ tackles versus the Bucs. The young linebacker will be all over the place as Tampa Bay tries to beat Carolina at home.


Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots

  1. Tom Brady will only throw for one touchdown this week. Part of that will be due to the Miami defense, but the other part of the equation will be the New England running game. And that could be a huge key.
  2. Speaking of the running game, I think LaGarrette Blount goes out and gets 100 yards rushing and two touchdowns in this game. The former Pittsburgh Steeler has been excellent for the Patriots since his return. And the excellence shall continue versus the Dolphins.
  3. Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill will have two touchdown passes and one interception. Tannehill has been playing well since head coach Joe Philbin talked about potentially benching him before their game in England earlier this season. I believe he continues to stay hot despite the one slip with the interception.


Jacksonville Jaguars at Baltimore Ravens

  1. Ravens running back Justin Forsett will rush for over 120 yards and two touchdowns. Forsett was once a member of the Jaguars organization before they cut him. Contrary to belief, I think he still remembers that and will make the Jags pay for cutting him.
  2. Jacksonville quarterback Blake Bortles will have at least three turnovers versus the Ravens. It seems as if Bortles has had some issues with accuracy and identifying defenses. Good news is he has another game to get the turnover patterns out of his mind. The bad thing is he is facing the Ravens.
  3. Baltimore linebacker CJ Mosley will have 10 tackles and an interception versus the Jaguars. Bortles will be in the giving mood during the Christmas time.


Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers

  1. Peyton Manning and Phillip Rivers will each throw for two touchdowns. Both will be effective and play well, but neither will carry the offense in this game.
  2. Denver’s dynamic duo on defense (Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware) will combine for 4 sacks in this game. Seems that speed tends to give the Chargers fits as an offensive line. With Miller and Ware, it does not get much faster than they are as a pair.
  3. The Denver running backs will double the amount of yards the Chargers running backs will have. Denver has been stout against the run and has been running the ball well. San Diego will be in for a long night if the Denver running game gets goings….. and I believe it will get going.


New York Jets at Tennessee Titans

  1. Jets running back Chris Johnson will rush for 100 yards this game. Chris is coming back to where he made his name in the NFL. And why not come back and put on a show in your “Homecoming”? I expect him to have a good time visiting Nashville.
  2. The Tennessee Titans will have less than 300 yards of offense. The unstableness at quarterback, injuries at the wide receiver and offensive line positions and lack of playmakers will make it a long day versus a defense that is still pretty good.
  3. Jets quarterback Geno Smith will throw for two touchdowns but throw two picks. Not quite Pro Bowl quarterback numbers there Geno. So before you go tooting your horn on this one, make a Pro Bowl or something.


Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions

  1. The Minnesota Vikings will not score more than 20 points in this game. This statement is more in support of the Lions defense than bashing the Vikings. The Lions defense has been stout all season long and this week will be no exception.
  2. Detroit running back Reggie Bush will be himself this weekend. He will rush for 75 yards and have 60 yards in receiving along with one touchdown. With Bush being himself again, the Lions offense will be back to being what everyone expected them to be.
  3. Vikings defensive lineman Anthony Bahr will have two sacks in this game. The rookie out of UCLA has been better than some expected and will continue to show the NFL what he can do versus the Lions.


San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks

  1. The winner of this game will not have over 25 points. Expect this game to be physical. Both teams will play a tough game and this one could come down to the final few minutes.
  2. Marshawn Lynch will rush for 100 yards. The veteran running back gashed the 49ers last time around and this time he will be at home to do so. Should be interesting to see how he does it.
  3. The San Francisco 49ers will not have a wide receiver get 100 yards receiving in this game. The struggles in the passing game have been noted and I don’t think that is something that gets solved overnight.


Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles

  1. The Cowboys will need to get DeMarco Murray going offensively. In this game, he gets it going and puts up 130+ yards rushing and two touchdowns.
  2. Mark Sanchez has been solid as the Eagles quarterback. However, in this game he will show some why he was let go by the Jets organization. Look for at least 2 interceptions and some badly missed throws as well.
  3. Running back LeSean McCoy will show up and show out versus the Cowboys. McCoy’s production will need to be there, especially if Sanchez struggles.


New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears

  1. New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees will throw for three touchdowns and no interceptions. We have already addressed the Bears defense in previous posts. Well, they still have not gotten any better and they also seem to be the team that most offenses see to get their confidence back.
  2. Bears running back Matt Forte will rush for 100 yards versus the Saints. The Bears are going to need Forte as much as possible and I believe he shows up and does his part.
  3. New Orleans will put up 30+ points. After the anemic offensive performance by the Saints last weekend, I expect them to come out firing on all cylinders this game.


The games have arrived. The proclamations have been made. Week 15 is here everyone! It should be fun to see what happens.

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  1. ASR

    December 14, 2014 at 4:37 pm

    Who would you start at qb Dalton, Manziel, Smith or Orton? I will respond to ur projections after the games

    • Mike Patton

      December 14, 2014 at 4:47 pm

      I think all will make some mistakes in their games but I may lean with Manziel or Smith.

  2. ASR

    December 14, 2014 at 6:02 pm

    Thanks i took Manziel

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