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The General’s NFL Proclamations-Week 16

Can Andy Dalton shake his primetime curse? (picture courtesy

The NFL playoff race has tightened with each week. Of course the Thursday night game had no consequences on the playoff picture. In fact, if you watched that game, I commend you. I must admit that I could not watch the game. But what will be more unexpected will be if people can remember this game happened (or if they want to remember it happened). To all that watched the game, I apologize and the NFL should give you all an apology letter or a free month of services but I digress. It was the game that was picked to start Week 16, but we also get to restart Week 16 with two games on Saturday. Let’s dive into Week 16’s General Proclamations!

Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins

  1. Philly will have at least five sacks versus the Redskins. The Eagles bring the heat from all angles and the Redskins have had issues blocking opposing defenses. Bring these two facts together and you have a Redskins quarterback running for his life.
  2. Philly will give up two long touchdown passes to Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson. The speedy former Eagle probably has some more pent up frustration towards the Eagles and will take it out against them Saturday.
  3. Both quarterbacks of the Redskins and the Eagles will throw at least two interceptions. Both quarterbacks have had their struggles in the past couple of years and this game will be no different with RGIII and Mark Sanchez.


San Diego Chargers at San Francisco 49ers

  1. Whoever is running the ball for the Chargers will get 100 yards and a touchdown. Whether it be Ryan Matthews, the former first round running back from Fresno State or Brandon Oliver, the running could come easy for the Chargers. With Borland out for this game, Nick Moody will be in to play linebacker. I expect the Chargers to run right at him.
  2. Colin Kaepernick will not throw an interception this game. In addition to that proclamation, I believe there will be more of a running threat this game also.
  3. There will be more big plays defensively than offensively. These teams defenses should be interesting to watch this one than it already was.


Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears

  1. Jimmy Claussen steps in at quarterback for the Chicago Bears this week. Well, this one could get ugly for him because he will throw 3 interceptions.
  2. The Detroit front four will get to the quarterback. It is not a matter of “if”, it’s a matter of “when”. And when Ndamukong Suh and the boys are coming, you gotta get off the train tracks.
  3. Matt Forte will lead the Bears in receptions. With the tight coverage and the smaller windows to throw the football, the running back is more than likely to be the guy that is open.


Green Bay Packers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  1. Aaron Rodgers did not perform very well at Buffalo last Sunday. I expect Aaron Rodgers to have a bounceback game in this one. 300 yards and three touchdowns will more than likely be her statistics for the game.
  2. Tampa Bay’s Mike Evans will have 100 yards and two touchdowns versus the Green Bay secondary. Evans is a big man and I don’t think the Green Bay Packers are ready for Evans.
  3. The Green Bay Packers will have two interceptions. The Packers can be solid defensively and that can help lead to turnovers and force errant throws. I think the defensive backs may not have to work that hard this game.


Minnesota Vikings at Miami Dolphins

  1. Teddy Bridgewater will throw for only 200 yards and will have two interceptions. It seems like the quarterbacks of this class have not done as well as they thought they would. Teddy will continue his education at the quarterback position.
  2. Miami defensive end Cameron Wake will have two sacks this game. Wake will be a terror for the Vikings to block. Look for him to find some space to make some plays happen though.
  3. Dolphins’ wide receiver Jarvis Landry will get 100 yards receiving in this game. The rookie from LSU has been electric and I believe he will continue to look good in this game.

New England Patriots at New York Jets

  1. New England running back LaGarrette Blount will be running wild in this game. I expect him to get 150 yards rushing and two touchdowns. He has been an excellent addition for the Patriots.
  2. New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith will go for three interceptions in this game. Geno still throws the inexplicable passes that no one knows why he throws. And he will do this a couple times and have help from his receivers on an interception as well.
  3. Defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson will have a fumble recovery and a sack in this game. The second-year guy from Missouri has been pretty good in the middle for Missouri.


Cleveland Browns at Carolina Panthers

  1. Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel cannot be as bad as he was last week right? Well, I don’t think he is as bad as the performance suggested. I believe he completes one touchdown pass and 200 yards passing. He will also throw at least one interception.
  2. Panthers’ running back Jonathan Stewart will have 100 yards rushing versus the Browns. The Browns were gashed on the ground pretty bad last week and I believe the Panthers were watching that tape all week long.
  3. Panthers and Browns will combine for 10 sacks apiece. Both offensive lines have had some issues and the defensive fronts for both teams are pretty solid. The lack of offensive line for both teams will have quarterbacks running around all game long.


Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints

  1. Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan will throw for 300 yards and two touchdowns. The Saints have not been that great in their secondary. With the weapons Ryan has at his disposal, he should have fun toying with the Saints.
  2. Running back Mark Ingram will rush for 100 yards and find the endzone once. The Falcons defense will wear down some as the game goes on. And with Drew Brees not being as deadly in the passing game, the Saints should lean more on Ingram.
  3. Saints tight end Jimmy Graham will score at least one touchdown in this game along with about 80 yards receiving. Graham has not been as dominant this season as years past. But I believe he will be effective in this game versus the safeties of the Falcons.


Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers

  1. Kansas City will have a wide receiver score a touchdown this week. After the reports of the wide receiver futility ad nauseam, I think Dwayne Bowe of the Chiefs gets the wide receivers of the Chiefs off the snide on the scoreboard.
  2. Downtown Antonio Brown is about to touch up the Chiefs up top. The Chiefs will be catching fumes as Brown runs right past them. I look for him to have 150 yards receiving with two touchdowns.
  3. Le’Veon Bell will not get 100 yards rushing. The Chiefs will be dialed in against the Steelers’ offensive MVP. And with that added attention, I believe Bell is slowed down tremendously.


Baltimore Ravens at Houston Texans

  1. Whoever starts for the Houston Texans at quarterback will have a long day. Backup quarterback Tom Savage was injured last week and there is no telling who will start at quarterback for the Texans. But whoever does start will find a hungry Ravens defense awaiting them. And that could be trouble for the Texans offense.
  2. Ravens running back Justin Forsett will not rush for 100 yards. The Texans defense will be ready for him and waiting. I believe he will have a tough time churning out yards against them.
  3. Arian Foster will get 100 yards rushing versus the Ravens. The biggest reason he will get those yards is due to the fact that they will have their third fourth quarterback playing in this game this season.


New York Giants at St. Louis Rams

  1. Eli Manning will throw two interceptions along with two touchdowns. The uneven season of the veteran quarterback will continue against the Rams in St. Louis.
  2. Odell Beckham Jr. will have two touchdowns and 150 yards receiving versus the Rams secondary. Janoris Jenkins, I hope you are ready for what Beckham Jr. is bringing.
  3. The St. Louis Rams will have at least four sacks of Eli Manning. The Rams defensive line is very explosive and that will cause problems for a below average Giants offensive line.


Indianapolis Colts at Dallas Cowboys

  1. Demarco Murray will not make it through this game. Murray had hand surgery at the beginning of the week and all indications are he is going to play. But catching passes in practice and running with no contact are way different than the contact he will face Sunday afternoon. I expect the Colts to hit him on his hand to see how he reacts. And I believe his reaction will not be the one that most Dallas fans will want to see.
  2. Andrew Luck will have 300 yards passing, two touchdowns and one interception. Luck has had plenty of good moments, but he also has some moments that make you scratch your head with his decision-making. I believe he will have more good moments than bad versus the Cowboys.
  3. Cowboys’ wide receiver Dez Bryant and Colts wide receiver TY Hilton will both go for 100 yards receiving. The only difference will be Hilton accounting for one more touchdown than Bryant. Hilton will light the scoreboard up twice on Sunday.


Buffalo Bills at Oakland Raiders

  1. Oakland quarterback Derek Carr will be sacked five times versus the Bills. The Bills front four has been dangerous this season and I think they continue the dominance they have displayed in this game out in the Black Hole.
  2. Buffalo quarterback Kyle Orton will throw two interceptions in this game. The veteran quarterback has been uneven all season long and I think this is a game where he is off, to the detriment of the Bills.
  3. The Oakland Raiders and Buffalo Bills will not combine to reach over 50 points. Offense will be at a premium in this game.


Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals

  1. Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch will not run for 100 yards versus the Cardinals. The Arizona defense is very stingy. And I believe they will have to be to stay in this game versus the Seahawks.
  2. Arizona will struggle offensively. The Cardinals struggled with Drew Stanton at quarterback in the first matchup and now he is out and they really don’t have anyone at quarterback. So, I expect the Cards to kick field goals for most of this game.
  3. Seattle will force three turnovers in this game. With the Cardinals and their inability to run the football to help their green quarterbacks, I believe the pressure will be so much that the Cards will end up eventually giving the Seahawks the football a few times.


Denver Broncos at Cincinnati Bengals

  1. Peyton Manning has struggled the last couple of games. I believe this game he breaks back out. I look for Peyton to have three touchdown passes and no interceptions along with 300 yards passing.
  2. Andy Dalton will have a tough game versus the Broncos. Dalton was solid last weekend, but he has had his struggles putting good games together. I think he has one of his stinkers this game.
  3. The Bengals will not play well in this game. In case no one has been paying attention, the Bengals have struggled in every prime time game they have been a part of. I think that trend continues as the Bengals act as if they are absent in primetime again.


Week 16 is upon us. The games are ahead and the proclamations have been made. Let’s see what happens in this great week of football.

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