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The General’s NFL Proclamations-Week 2

john patton

Week 1 in the NFL was definitely exciting. Some teams performed exactly how everyone thought they would while others laid a dud. And just like some teams gave us some unexpected and expected performances, there were players who showed up and some who left it all at home. With that being said, it’s time to drop The General’s Proclamations for Week 2 of the NFL!


Atlanta Falcons at Cincinnati Bengals

1)      Bengals WR AJ Green will have a great performance against the Falcons secondary. I know that is not that bold, but I am predicting two touchdowns and at least 100 yards receiving. The way he did the Ravens secondary should have the Falcons secondary very worried.

2)      Matt Ryan will throw for only 250 yards. Not saying that Ryan will not be effective this game, it’s just the Bengals defense is a whole different animal compared to the Saints defense Ryan lit up last weekend.

3)      The Bengals defensive line gets at least four sacks. With Falcons offensive tackle Jake Matthews out this game and the Falcons offensive line depleted, look for the Bengals and their collection of defensive lineman to make it a long day for Matt Ryan and the Falcons offense.


Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills

1)      Knowshon Moreno will run for 2 touchdowns and 100 yards. The former Denver Broncos running back came out and surprised a lot of people with his excellent debut against the New England Patriots (24 carries, 134 yards and 1 touchdown). The Bills gave up almost 5 yards a carry to Bears running back Matt Forte last weekend. I bet Moreno is licking his chops with the prospects of facing the Bills defensive front. He will definitely keep up his good start to the season this week.

2)      Bills tight end Scott Chandler will have a big game this weekend. Rob Gronkowski could have had a better game for the Patriots than he did should they played him more. I expect the Bills to take advantage of that weakness Miami has at safety by using Chandler to work the middle of the field. And when he does, the Dolphins will have a tough time bringing him down. I think Chandler gets close to 100 yards receiving and a touchdown this weekend.

3)      Both quarterbacks will have at least two interceptions this week. Both Ryan Tannehill and EJ Manuel are a little up-and-down with their quarterback play. I think both will have their moments in this game, but they will also have their lowlights as well. And when they do, look for both defenses to capitalize on the opportunities.


New Orleans Saints at Cleveland Browns

1)      There will be a Johnny Manziel sighting in this game. It has been hinted that Manziel does have a package of plays ready for him to use when he comes in and I fully expect the Browns to put him in the game. That’s what the home crowd will be waiting for and what most Cleveland fans probably want to see.

2)      There will be no running back reach 100 yards in this game. Both teams play a rotation of running backs and tend to never let them get in a rhythm on the field. I expect there will be running backs have good averages running the football, but none of them will reach 100 yards rushing. However, there will be a rushing touchdown by one of them and his name will be Mark Ingram of the New Orleans Saints.

3)      Kenny Vaccaro will have a big game. Look for Vaccaro to play a lot of coverages that will allow him to freelance just a little bit. And when he is given that opportunity, look for him to take advantage of it. I predict he will have an interception for a touchdown this weekend in Cleveland.


Arizona Cardinals at New York Giants

1)      Carson Palmer will have 300 yards passing and 3 touchdowns. Yes, as unbelievable as this sounds for a quarterback that has looked not so great since he left the Bengals, he will make it happen versus the Giants. The Giants secondary looked lost like the Easter Bunny on Christmas versus the Lions. And this game only will make them look worse. Cover your eyes Giants fans. It could be ugly.

2)      Rashad Jennings will have 100 yards rushing this game. The Giants can only hope to get the running game going and why not with this back in their stable. The Chargers did not have great success running the football against the Cardinals, but with Dockett out and the poor passing blocking the Giants have shown, Jennings setting the tone in the running game may be their only option.

3)      Eli Manning will throw for throw for two touchdowns this weekend and no interceptions. I know this is a big one to proclaim, but Eli is due for at least one good game. He cannot be as bad as he has been the last year or so all the time can he?


Detroit Lions at Carolina Panthers

1)      Cam Newton comes out and has a rushing touchdown and a passing touchdown in this game. Cam sat out last weekend to rest his ribs, but I expect a fired-up Cam Newton to take the field and prove that all is ok with him and his body.

2)      Golden Tate will have 100 yards receiving in this game. With all the attention given to Calvin Johnson, that gives Tate single-coverage. And with his precise route-running and his ability after the catch, that could cause some issues for the Panthers defensively.

3)      Matthew Stafford will have an interception and a fumble. Stafford looked like he took two steps forward last weekend. But I expect him to do what he always does when he starts to look good: regress. He will force one pass to Calvin “Megatron” Johnson this week that will be picked off and you can count on him mishandling the football one time while trying to make a play out of his normal sense of comfort.


Jacksonville Jaguars at Washington Redskins

1)      Robert Griffin III will be more aggressive running the football. I know this is not what Redskins fans may want to hear, but RGIII has to be what he is at this point. RGIII being a pure pocket passer is not what he is nor what he will be going down the line. I see him getting outside the pocket this game. And please learn how to slide RGIII, you are giving Redskins fans heart attacks each time you slide, or attempt to.

2)      Allen Hurns will get another 100 yards receiving. The rookie out of Miami has been on fire ever since he got his opportunity in the preseason and I expect him to keep it up against the Redskins secondary. Washington’s secondary looked very uneven in last week’s game versus Houston.

3)      Jacksonville’s defense has another Jekyll and Hyde performance. The Jags looked good in the first half last week versus the Eagles and then fell apart in the second half. I think they will do more of the same this week as Gus Bradley continues to build one of the NFL’s worst teams.


Dallas Cowboys at Tennessee Titans

1)      The Dallas Cowboys offensive line will not give up a sack. I know that is a huge thing to say, but I believe the Cowboys offensive line is good and I believe the Titans pass rush is not good enough.

2)      Romo will only throw one interception this weekend. I know that is a tall task after what we saw last week from Romo, but if the Cowboys are to win, he has to play smarter. And I believe he is better than what he showed last weekend.

3)      Jake Locker will have a career game versus the Cowboys defense. Let’s call a spade a spade: the Cowboys defense is horrible. And with Locker playing confidently after last week’s win, he will be bursting at the seams to get on the field. I look for 300 yards passing and at least 2 touchdown passes.


New England Patriots at Minnesota Vikings

1)      Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Greg Jennings will have two touchdown receptions versus the Patriots. Let’s call it how we see it: New England is still lacking defensively. And with The Quarterback Whisperer, Norv Turner, running the offense and getting Matt Cassel right, Jennings will have plenty of opportunities to exploit that Pats secondary.

2)      Cordarelle Patterson will have another high impact game. Expect this guy to be moved around at wide receiver, running back and return man all game long. And he will probably have close to 150 all-purpose yards this game because he will be used more without Adrian Peterson on the field.

3)      Tom Brady will throw for four touchdown passes. As good as the Vikings defense looked last week, they were going against potentially one of the worst offenses in the NFL this year in the St. Louis Rams. Going from St. Louis last week to New England this week will provide a better picture to how good this defense is.


St. Louis Rams at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

1)      St. Louis and Tampa Bay will not go for 700 yards combined offense. If you watched the games both teams played last week, you will understand my lack of confidence in their offenses. Hopefully they prove me wrong here.

2)      St. Louis will have 3 sacks total. Their defense took a hit when their leader, defensive end Chris Long, had ankle surgery and will be gone for a while. But they still have Robert Quinn up front and he is very formidable upfront. His impact on the game will allow others to make things happen and put pressure on the Bucs offense.

3)      Tampa Bay will be looking at Mike Glennon after this game. Well, this may be one that is a far stretch, but if Josh McCown looked as bad as he did last week (22/35, 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions), then the fans will be clamoring for Glennon to get on the field.


Seattle Seahawks vs San Diego Chargers

1)      Richard Sherman will defend a pass this week. Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers ignored him all last week, opting to make the opposite side cornerback work a lot more. I expect San Diego quarterback Phillip Rivers to be true to his word and test Sherman.

2)      Ryan Matthews will get 100 yards rushing. As crazy as this sounds, it could happen. Last season, Seattle had some lapses where they let running backs gash their defense. I know this is a new season, but I expect the Chargers to take from a gameplan the Buccaneers had for the Seahawks last season where running back Mike James was gashing them repeatedly. The Bucs lost the game eventually, but they were gashing them in the running game.

3)      Russell Wilson has a rushing and passing touchdown. The smooth quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks will have his usual performance from Beast Mode, Marshawn Lynch. And when he does, I look for Russell to have some opportunities to use his wheels as well as his arm to exploit the Chargers secondary.


Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos

1)      Peyton Manning will have three touchdown passes and none will be to Julius Thomas. I look for Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders to get most of the looks this week as Thomas will be matched up with Pro Bowl safety Eric Berry.

2)      Jamaal Charles will stay in his offensive rut. The focus of the Chiefs’ offense is Charles and defenses will gear up to stop him. And the sad thing about the Chiefs is they really have no one to take the pressure off him.

3)      Denver will have at least four sacks. Look for Demarcus Ware to have a good time against the Chiefs and their injury-riddled offensive line. And along with Ware, Von Miller will have his fun as well.


New York Jets at Green Bay Packers

1)      Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rogers will throw for 300 yards. I don’t expect the Green Bay running game to get going against the Jets, so Rodgers will have to lead them offensively. And as we all know, he is capable of doing so. With the Jets injuries at cornerback, he will have a big day.

2)      Chris Johnson will rush for 100 yards. I missed on him last week rushing for 100 yards, but I think this week is the time he will do so. The Packers are missing their man in the middle, nose tackle BJ Raji, and the difference is noticeable up front. Look for the Jets to exploit that.

3)      The Jets defense will not force a turnover this week. The Jets are solid defensively, but they are not a playmaking defense for the most part. They will try and do their job, but they will not make a game-changing play.

Houston Texans at Oakland Raiders

1)      Derek Carr will throw his first interception of the year. With guys like JJ Watt running after you all day, it’s bound to happen for the rookie. Just a matter of when and I think this is the game.

2)      Houston’s Arian Foster will run for another 100 yards this weekend. The Raiders let the Jets run all over the field last week and the Texans offensive line is better than the Jets offensive line. So this could be a long one for Oakland’s defense.

3)      Texans defensive lineman JJ Watt will swat three passes down and have two sacks. This guy is a monster up front and he will terrorize the Raiders offensive line all day long.


Chicago Bears at San Francisco 49ers

1)      Matt Forte will rush for 100 yards. Last week will be proven to not be a fluke, as Forte slices through the front seven of the 49ers. He will definitely be a good sight to see for Jay Cutler because he will allow the Bears to be more versatile offensively.

2)      San Francisco wide receiver Michael Crabtree will have 100 yards receiving. Crabtree is due and with him being over that calf injury he was dealing with last week, he should be able to make it happen versus the Bears.

3)      Jay Cutler will throw at least one interception. This one is almost a forgone conclusion. Jay will try to force one into a tight spot. And when he does, the Niners will make him pay as they did to Tony Romo last week.


Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Colts

1)      The Colts will start faster than last week. Indianapolis cannot continue to start slowly like they did all last season and the first game versus Denver. Look for them to get out the gates fast this week behind the arm of Andrew Luck. And it does not hurt that he is facing an Eagles secondary that is not that great.

2)      Lasean McCoy will rush for 100 yards. Last week he really did not get it going like he wanted to. This week will be a different story as he is unleashed on the Colts defense.

3)      The Eagles will give up 30 points this week. Only reason the Eagles were not worse-looking defensively was due to the Jaguars disappearance in the second half. There will be no such thing in this game.


The General has spoken. The proclamations have been made. And above all, enjoy Week 2 of the NFL season!

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