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Prokhorov on Kidd: “Don’t let the doorknob hit him…”

Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov

Brooklyn Nets principal owner Mikhail Prokhorov spoke with the media at Barclays Center before the Brooklyn Nets made their season debut tonight.  When asked about Jason Kidd’s departure, the Russian billionaire had a response that inspired laughter. “Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you,” he said of the Nets coach of a season ago.

Prohorov was asked about Coach Kidd later, and responded “we shouldn’t get mad, I think we should get even.”

There has been rumors that the Brooklyn Nets might be up for sale.  Prokhorov addressed that directly.  “My position is that I will not give up control of the team.  But you know, I am quite happy when somebody sending me a nice offer that will not take my control of the team.  I think for the time being nothing is imminent, but still, I think it’s not bad just to listen.”  Laters, Prokhorov said “we have a lot of proposals to buy a minority (stake.)”

On Billy King and the team on a while, Mikhail said “we need to be a little bit lucky and we need our players to be healthy.”

Year three at Barclays Center doesn’t begin with the hype that surrounded the first two seasons in Brooklyn, but the Nets have an owner who is committed with his wallet, and despite the rumors, he plans to remain a majority stake holder.  He also said something about the former coach Kidd that many fans will enjoy.  Hopefully for Nets fans this season will be an enjoyable one.


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