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Quincy Acy And John Wall: Bad Execution And Stand-Taking

Quincy Acy and John Wall Christmas Altercation

The Knicks were making a push back at the Wizards in the fourth quarter when an event happened that essentially put the game out of reach. Pablo Prigioni tried to take a charge from Wizards point guard John Wall in the backcourt but failed miserably. As Wall came forward, it was apparent that it was a four-on-five situation, as Prigioni was still down in the backcourt from trying to take the charge from Wall. Knicks forward Quincy Acy tried to step forward and give a foul so the Wizards would not score. But the interesting things happened when he gave the foul. He sent Wall to the floor and Wall took exception to it, jumped up and pushed Acy and then the two had to be separated as Acy came back at Wall after the push, Acy threw a punch (even though you could tell he did not connect with it because he thought about it halfway through the punch and didn’t connect with it). The result of the actions was a technical foul on John Wall and a flagrant-2 foul on Acy that led to him automatically being ejected from the game. Of course Knicks fans cheered Acy after he left the court and proceeded to watch the Knicks lose any momentum they had leading into that moment. You can check out what Acy had to say about the skirmish here:


Although Quincy was clearly wrong in saying he did not throw a punch (he did throw one and just did not complete it) I completely understand what he was doing at the time when he was trying to draw a foul. Honestly, if he really wanted to hurt John Wall, he would have cocked back his elbows and really tried to do harm to him. But Acy did not do so at all. He was trying to take a foul. Nothing more nothing less. It was just bad execution on his part. And the next thing that many have come down on Acy about since the incident have been the emotional response he had to Wall pushing him. Of course many can state the fact that he should have been pushed by Wall or that he should have walked away, but how many of us can honestly say that in a heightened emotional state, we would have reacted differently than what Acy did? Not many can. Listening to Coach Derek Fisher talk after the game, I think he appreciates what Acy does for this team. Sure, he is an emotional player and has been so since he has been in the NBA, but there is a need for those type of guys on your team. When Acy is on the court, you can see the energy level of the team rise to another level. Of course emotions can get the best of you at certain times, but at other times emotions of players can get teams out of the doldrums that they are playing with and get them more into the game. In this instance, his emotion is drawing the ire of a lot of people, but I believe he can be an asset to this team or another team if he is not in New York beyond this season.

Of course, John Wall had something to say after the incident. You can check out what he had to say right here:

I definitely understand what Wall was saying. He had to stand up for himself in a moment where he thought Acy was doing something wrong. I actually will say that I have seen way worse flagrant fouls than that one. I think the execution of the way Acy took the foul was wrong, but he clearly was not trying to knock Wall out. If he truly was doing that, then Wall would have been concussed or laid out on the floor. But for the reaction that Wall gave, I can understand why he did so. Wall is the leader of this Wizards team and he has to set the standard for them. If he begins to take things from other players on other teams, then his team will follow his lead. It was time for a stand and John Wall made one. And his team will continue to follow his lead. And with the way the Wizards are playing, it was very smart of John Wall to contain his emotions and not get ejected from the game. He, unlike Acy, is better at doing that and unlike Acy, he is not a player that plays off his emotions. That may have helped keep him from doing more than he did out there in response.

Acy started this one. There is no doubt about it. But do I believe he was trying to do something dirty? No. I believe he was just trying to take a foul and did not do that properly at all. And as a result, he got thrown out of the game and because of the punch that he did not complete, he will probably get suspended. All in all, maybe a lesson was taught to him on this one. But do I believe he was trying to be dirty at all during this play? Absolutely not.

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