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Reggie Evans: A Hustler on the Basketball Court and As a Father

Derrel Jazz Johnson Interviewing Reggie Evans (Photo by Gemini Keez of

Derrel Jazz Johnson Interviewing Reggie Evans (Photo by Gemini Keez of


Reggie Evans is a National Basketball League veteran with over a decade of experience.  In his 12 seasons, Evans has played for seven different franchises.  One thing Evans brings to every NBA team he has played for is his ability to hustle.  As a father, Evans does the same as well.

Evans made me a bit emotional when I asked what fatherhood meant to him.  “It means everything to me.  It means every single thing to me.”  Reggie talked about growing up in a home that seldom saw his father.  “My Mother had to play that fatherly role in my life to the best of her abilities.”  I too, like Evans, grew up in a fatherless home with a Mom who had to play both roles to the best of her abilities.  Fortunately for me, Brenda Victoria Johnson did a great job in my humble, yet biased opinion.  Evans talked about what is most important to him in his role as a father.  “It’s really not all about the material things.  Material things come and go.  It’s all about the quality time, the conversations you have, the I love you’s, giving each other little kisses every day, just seeing how they are feeling.  So fatherhood means everything.  That means more than anything to me in life.  That’s my number one priority, is being a great father.”  With that type of mindset, Evans is well on his way to being a great dad.

For more of my interview with Reggie Evans, including his thoughts on the rivalry between the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets, and how it compares to that of the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers, check out the interview Here.  For more on my Mom Brenda Victoria Johnson and my relationship with her, see Here.


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