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Rodney Hood on adjusting to NBA, Coach Mike Krzyzewski 1,000 wins and more


After the Utah Jazz defeated the Brooklyn Nets last night at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, I caught up with former Duke Basketball star and current Jazz rookie Rodney Hood.  I asked Hood what was the biggest adjustment between playing in college and playing in the NBA, and he talked about the size of the players.

I also asked Hood if he keeps up with his Blue Devils.  “I watch them every time they come on TV when we’re not playing.  I watched them last night, they beat North Carolina,” he said with a great sense of pride.  “It’s just great to see guys that I played with doing well this season.”

Though Jabari Parker, Hood and Duke were upset in the first round of the NCAA Tournament a season ago, I asked him how he thought this year’s team would do in the 2015 tournament, with the Blue Devils likely to secure a #1 seed.  “I think they’ll be fine.  As long as they gel together and stay together, they’ll do great. Coach got them playing well right now and hopefully it carries over.”

Finally, I asked Rodney for his reaction when the Blue Devils defeated St John’s earlier this year for Coach Mike Krzyzewski’s 1,000th win.  “I was ecstatic, just to be a tiny part of that,” he said, adding that Coach K “built a program that will forever last.”  Indeed, Mike Krzyzewski has built a legacy at Duke University that extends to the NBA through players like Hood, and well beyond.

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