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Three Big Decisions Led To Seattle Seahawks Losing The Super Bowl

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The confetti has fallen and the New England Patriots outlasted the Seattle Seahawks to win the Super Bowl. The Patriots overcame a 10 point deficit as Tom Brady was precise in the last quarter. But along with what Brady and the Patriots did, there were some things the Seahawks did that made you scratch your head and wonder about who was better prepared. And honestly, those three decisions may have helped turned the game for the Patriots.

  In the first half of the game, the Patriots were driving all the way down the field. Tom Brady was using weapons wide receiver Julian Edelman and tight end Rob Gronkowski on combination routes to get open. But when the Patriots got down to the goal line, Seattle ran a stunt that brought delayed pressure from defensive lineman Michael Bennett. The result of that was him having a clean run at Brady. And that pressure caused the first interception of the game. Seahawks defensive back Jeremy Lane picked off the pass and proceeded to return it. But what happened when he was tackled caused a huge impact on the Seattle defense. Lane hurt his forearm/wrist area and it was a gruesome injury. He was out for the game and in came cornerback Tharold Simon. And if anyone watched the game when the Seahawks played the Carolina Panthers in the playoffs, they knew what was coming. The Patriots went at him, albeit selectively, all game long and when they needed that last touchdown,  they matched up Edelman against him. And Edelman ran a precise route that had Simon catching vapors. Simon was lining up outside all night, when in all actuality,  he probably should have been in the slot. Simon really hasn’t played as much outside this season as he did in the Super Bowl and he was exposed. And Seattle seemed to never adjust, instead opting for trusting him to get that job done, which he did not. What Seattle could have easily done is line up Maxwell back outside and then throw Simon in the slot, where he would have better safety help from Earl Thomas.

But the adjustment fails did not end there at all. Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is a huge man. And along with that, he has very good speed. So to combat that, it was thought that Cam Chancellor would be near him all night long. But a wrinkle New England threw in seemed to blow that thought up. The Patriots started splitting Gronkowski out wide early in the game to see how Seattle would react. At times, they had a defensive back out there. And when they did, New England didn’t really test that much other than a few short routes and a rub route between Edelman and Gronkowski.  But when Seattle got caught with linebacker KJ Wright out there, the Patriots knew they had something. They may have only went to it a few times,  but New England made those few times count.  The Patriots saw that matchup and took advantage by getting a big touchdown pass to Gronkowski and also getting a big first down there too. The obvious mistake was the Seahawks ever thinking Wright could cover Gronkowski.  Again, the Patriots could have exploited that matchup more, but they chose to use it when they needed it. The only guy that even had s chance to match Gronkowski’s size and speed was safety Cam Chancellor, and the Seahawks seemed to not want to match him up with Gronk as much when he split out. And that cost them here.

Seattle had two mistakes defensively, but the biggest one they made was on the offensive side of the ball. The Seahawks were trailing by four after Brady drove the Patriots for the go-ahead score. They were moving the ball at a great pace and made it all the way down to the Patriots one on an unbelievable catch by Seattle wide receiver Jermaine Kearse and work on the ground by running back Marshawn Lynch. The Patriots seemed to be folding defensively at the wrong time. The Seahawks had timeouts and the ball at the Patriots one-yard line.  It was  no-brainer they would run the ball with Lynch.  No one could deny him that one yard. Well, Seattle thought differently and maybe tried to be too cute with the playcall. The Seahawks threw the ball, running their own version of a rub route. It would have worked…but Patriots corner Malcolm Butler saw the play coming.  He jumped the route and made the game-sealing interception when he jumped in front of Seattle wide receiver Ricardo Lockette. And just like that, Seattle was the runner up. If the Seahawks had to do that over,  they would have probably done what they should have done. There is no way that ball should not have gone to Marshawn Lynch on that play. He is one of the toughest running backs in the game to tackle, so it’s highly possible he would have gotten the yardage needed. But instead,  Seattle took the ball away from him and they are headed home with a Super Bowl loss.

  The game was outstanding and riveting.  Both teams played hard and made big plays. But these three adjustments, or lack thereof, loomed large in this game. And they led to the demise of the Seahawks on the big stage.  But take no credit away from the Patriots. They made the plays to win the game. And now they are the Super Bowl champions.

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  2. Lee Love

    February 5, 2015 at 11:31 pm

    I guess Carroll thought he was going to cross up Patriots since everyone including those that don’t follow football thought Lynch would have the ball. (I would have given it to “beastmode”) That plan failed and the Patriots will be having a parade. In all it was one of the better superbowls, very entertaining.

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