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Sherman Versus Revis Is No Longer A Question

Richard Sherman is staking his claim as the best corner in the game( photo courtesy

Remember when Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis were having Twitter beef about who was  the best cornerback in the game? A few years ago, when Revis was with the Jets and locking down top receivers, Sherman was just hitting the scene as a bigtime corner in the NFL. Some would not give Sherman credit at the time because he had not done it for a while like Revis. At the same time, many gave Revis the benefit of the doubt in this argument due to his longevity in locking opposing receivers up at Revis Island. Well, as the years have gone by, the tide has turned. Now Sherman is the guy that teams stay away from while Revis is attacked more than he has been in his career at this point. But what happened over the years to facilitate this shift?

Besides the injury to Revis, there is a such thing as having a perfect system to fit your talents. When Revis was with the Jets, he played for Rex Ryan in his high-pressure defense. And in that defense, he was required to play man-to-man coverage on the opponent’s best wide receiver. Ever since his rookie season he did so and did so very well while in Gotham. But when he changed systems and landed in Tampa Bay, Revis did not look so great. Besides his recovery from a torn ACL, he was playing in a system that was not conducive to his talents. The Bucs played more zone coverage and that is not what Revis does. As a result, it looked like he got beat a few times when he was trying to play a zone that he usually does not have to do. The mix there was disastrous, as the Bucs were bad all the way around and he was cut and landed in a better system in New England this offseason. He is back to playing his usual style of defense, but Revis is not as feared a corner as he once was. When it comes to Sherman, he has played in a system that has been great for his strengths. Sherman was once a wide receiver in college, so his penchant for getting interceptions (24 career interceptions) can be attributed to his great ball skills. But with his skills come a great scheme. Unlike Revis, he does not move all over the field. Some penalize him for doing so, but he is only doing what is asked of him. And unlike Revis, he plays both man and zone, with zone being the more predominant defense he plays in. Even with Sherman playing in the defense he is, he still is a ball hawk and is always present to make plays happen.

Another reason Revis has been overtaken by Sherman is due to the special characteristics that Sherman has. Revis is a smart corner, but he does not have a special physical characteristic that makes him stand out at 5’11” and 198 pounds. Revis is more of a guy that studies his opponent leading up to game day. And because of that mental preparation, Revis is probably one of the smartest corners in the game. And his mental ability to understand and process data and film is the edge that makes him who he is. Sherman is not a slouch when it comes to the mental part of the game himself, but he goes about it a different way. Mental warfare is part of Richard Sherman’s game, but he does his mental battling mostly on the field between the white lines or through the brash talking he does. But beyond the mental warfare, Sherman has some pretty nice physical characteristics that make it hard for opposing quarterbacks to make him look bad. Richard Sherman is one of the tallest cornerbacks in the game, standing at 6’3”. He is small in stature, weighing about the same as Revis at 195 pounds, but his size along with his tremendous length can make up for times where he may be beaten. And that along with playing with the best safety in the NFL, Earl Thomas, makes the Seahawks one tough unit to pass on at all times.

Sherman is brash and talks a lot, but he is able to back it up every single time. He feels he is the best and he goes out and proves it every week. Although he is injured (elbow injury) going into the Super Bowl, he will still be the same guy that he was before the injury. He will still compete and have that competitive fire that he has had for a long time. And it is because of that spirit to achieve he has overtaken the spot that was once occupied by Darrelle Revis. But Revis is not done yet. He is still a corner that strikes some fear in opponents still to this day. But there comes a time in your career where you are not the best anymore. And at this point, Revis has been passed on the cornerback rankings by Sherman and some others. But at this point, Sherman is the king of the hill and he is the best corner in the game.

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  1. ASR

    January 31, 2015 at 3:28 pm

    Both Sherman and Revised have their strengths and weaknesses but Revised is NOT forth the obscene amount of money he makes. Sherman is a rare prototype with a combination of unique gifts. Not many CB’s with his physical dimensions can do what he does at the NFL level.

  2. ASR

    January 31, 2015 at 3:35 pm

    Auto correct messed up my thoughts Revis is not worth the obscene money he’s being paid. Although I don’t begruge him getting his money but I wouldn’t sign that check. From a marketing stand point Sherman is a draw for TV, gate and jersey sales.

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