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Stanford rolls over Virginia Tech in 2011 Orange Bowl by Charu Robinson

The 2011 Orange Bowl featured a matchup between the fourth-ranked Stanford Cardinals, and the #13 Virginia Tech Hokies. The game was billed as a showdown between two of the nation’s best quarterbacks. Andrew Luck of Stanford, who is projected to be the first pick in the National Football League draft, and Tyrod Taylor, whose Virginia Tech pedigree has him being compared to Michael Vick.  This highly touted matchup never materialized, as Stanford ended up routing the Hokies in the second half.  Virginia Tech’s inability to stop the run or the pass would be their demise.  As Andrew Luck and the Cardinals’ balanced attack was pretty much unstoppable.

Early in the first quarter Jeremy Stewart scored on a 60-yard touchown run, which set the tone of the game. Virginia Tech would then answer with a safety that came off a deflected pass that was caught by Stanford’s Derek Hall in the end zone. In the second quarter, Tyrod Taylor made one of the plays of the year, when he scrambled to his left, broke a tackle and, while cradling the sideline, threw an 11-yard touchdown pass to a diving David Wilson, which would end up giving Virginia Tech a 9-7 lead. That was pretty much the end of the excitement for Virginia Tech.  Andrew Luck would complete a 25-yard touchdown pass to Zach Ertz early in the second quarter.  The extra point was blocked, giving Stanford a 13-9 lead.  Virginia Tech would add a field goal to go into halftime with Stanford leading 13-12.

In the third quarter, Stanford would score on a 1-yard rush by Owen Marecic, who is the only Football Bowl Subdivision player to play offense and defense.  Marecic plays fullback and linebacker.  The extra point would be missed again, making the score 19-12.  On Virginia Tech’s next possession, a three-play sequence would occur that gave Stanford all the momentum, and sent them on their way to an Orange Bowl victory.  Tyrod Taylor would be intercepted by Delano Howell, giving Stanford possession at their 3-yard line. On the next play Stepfan Taylor rushed for 56 yards, and on the very next play Andrew Luck completed a 41-yard pass to Coby Fleener for a touchdown.  Stanford would convert this extra point, making the score 26-12.  

From this point on there would be no turning back for Stanford. Luck would throw two more touchdown passes to tight end Coby Fleener, one for 58 yards, and the other for 38 yards. The final score would be 40-12. Tyrod Taylor was harassed all game, getting sacked four times. Virginia Tech’s vaunted running attack was non existent.  Ryan Williams, still hampered by a hamstring injury, rushed for only 4 yards on 4 carries, while Darren Evans rushed for 37 yards on 12 carries.

Andrew Luck was MVP with 287 passing yards, with four touchdown passes thrown.  Coby Fleener was a big contributor with 6 receptions for 173 yards.  He also tied the record for most receiving touchdowns in the Orange Bowl with three.  

Final Score:  Stanford         42

                          Virginia Tech  10


  1. Chris Ross

    January 5, 2011 at 12:08 am

    Nice summary of the game. With regards to luck I think the orange bowl solidified to an even greater extent the value that Andrew Luck holds should he enter the draft this year. Him and Harbaugh have been ducking a lot of questions and it should be interesting to see if he follows in the footsteps of other guys who were in a similar position that he is in now. In other words Matt Leinart and Jake Locker who both lost their status as #1 overall after staying another year in college instead of going out into the draft. Also, he doesn’t want to play for Carolina apparently but what do you expect if you wanna be #1 right.

  2. CMR

    January 7, 2011 at 5:54 pm

    Thanks. Well now we know that Luck is staying in college. He’ll probably be the Heisman favorite. Let’s just hope he doesn’t go the route of Sam Bradford, Matt Leinhart, or Jake Locker, that is getting hurt, or having his stock drop. And I agree, I don’t like when the #1 pick tries to pick and choose their teams.

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