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Ndamukong Suh Still Has Not Learned

The excitement Suh can bring can always fall short to the drama he brings. (Photo courtesy of

Ndamukong Suh is a player that can strike fear in opposing offenses each play he is on the field. His mere presence can cause problems for opponents in the running and passing game. Of course his play on the field has been known to go overboard with him doing things that go beyond what should be allowed in the field of play. For example, on Thanksgiving in 2011, Suh stepped on an opposing offensive lineman when having a little bit of a temper tantrum on the field. Suh has had these types of moments throughout his career and you would think that at this point he would be over them. But Sunday proved that he is still in the same mindset as he was when he first entered the league. In the fourth quarter of the Packers/Lions game on Sunday, Suh was seen stepping not once but twice on Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The play drew the ire of Rodgers and apparently caught the attention of the NFL league offices. It was announced on Monday that Suh will be suspended for the Lions NFC wildcard game versus the Dallas Cowboys. The suspension has recently been replaced with a hefty fine, but the message is still clear: Suh still does not get it. And this latest brush with the league shows that he still has a ways to go before he does get it.

Suh was known to have a mean streak when he entered the NFL. And that mean streak was something that some thought would help him become one of the best defensive linemen in the NFL. He is undoubtedly feared in the NFL, but he has also not learned how to contain his temper. Going into his season before becoming a free agent, you would have thought he would have learned to compose himself. He had been doing well not getting any personal fouls and affecting the game between the whistles up to this point. But one incident in the last game of the season has taken that away from his year. And now that cloud of darkness has returned to its position over his head.  Suh is proving to be still a selfish player in some aspects. If this was his rookie season or even potentially his second season, you may be able to say he will learn from this incident going forward. But for someone that has been around for this long, I believe he knows better. Sadly, he continues to act like he does on the field and takes that chance of being taken away from his team everytime he decides to cross the line. With his latest brush with the league, he made it even tougher on him and his teammates because the officials will be paying attention to he and his defensive teammates all game long. All of this because he could not control his emotions.

But Suh not only hurt his team but he hurt himself. Plenty of teams and players saw what happened in Green Bay Sunday. And with him being out on the open market, there will plenty of discussion among general managers and head coaches about if they would like to bring this man in to play for them. Suh can be a special player, but he can also be a divisive player in a locker room. His previous actions may leave a bad feeling with some teams and their players. General managers have to measure the level of divisiveness he could potentially bring. His mere presence could make for an issue with some teams because he has such a bad reputation. And consequently, he cost himself some guaranteed money potentially due to the repeatedly bad acts he has been known for. Some teams will mark him off their list due to his acts over his career. And others will have to probe deep into his history to determine if he is worth the risk. If he had stayed out of trouble, this would not have happened and he may have been able to name his suitor potentially. But since this incident, there is a limited pool available for him.

Going forward, there is no reason to believe that Suh will ever change. And with it being unknown whether or not he will change, I expect he will have some incentives in his next contract this offseason. There will be performance clauses potentially even though he will have guaranteed money offered in his contact as well. The incentives will be conducive to his behavior on the field and if he is to mess up within that incentive-laden contract, he will forfeit some money. Honestly, I am not even sure that will work for Suh because it seems like he has a temper issue. And if that continues, he could find himself out of the league quick, fast and in a hurry. That would be a shame to find Suh like this, but it could happen if he does not get it together. We shall see what happens and what Roc Nations Sports Agency can get worked out for Suh since they are his agents. But one thing is for sure: they will have an uphill climb. They are representing a player that looks selfish and out of control. And that is someone that may be very hard to sell to teams, including the Detroit Lions who allowed him to get into free agency.

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  1. Dori Longino

    December 31, 2014 at 2:45 pm

    You nailed it! The very first thing I thought about when this happened was, ‘what happened to being a team leader’? He’s seemed to be taking that responsibility to heart & had been (according to reports) doing a great job of setting a good example in the locker room. I thought he’d turned a corner. All that progress now seems for not! What a shame, on the field and in the locker room!

  2. ASR

    December 31, 2014 at 3:25 pm

    Sun was lucky to win his appeal but he’s a mercurial on the field. Sun will still fetch top dollar on the open market but his contract will be laden with behavior clauses.

  3. Steve

    December 31, 2014 at 8:16 pm

    For a guy who continues to intentionally do these things, the fine to me is a joke. While it seems hefty to those of us out here, to him , it is the equivalent of “hey guys, the next round is on me”.

    He stepped on Rodgers …twice. And granted he didn’t stomp on him, Rodgers did have a calf injury. Which brings me to the joke which is the NFL position on “player safety”. When a player with a history for flagrant violations purposely steps on perhaps the marquee QB in the league not once but twice, it should be a no-brainer that the offender should be suspended.

    That would be sending a message, instead the league sent a message…the wrong one. Again

  4. Derrick Branch

    December 31, 2014 at 11:54 pm

    I thought that he should have not been fined in the first place, however he needs to chill out or he could be like T.O. and Chad Johnson. Meaning he could still play but no one wants to deal with his baggage. Good post

  5. Shanitra

    January 1, 2015 at 6:43 am

    He has got to chill out and stop the non-sense. Good player with a stubborn like child mentality. The incident Sunday was uncalled for and not acceptable. He has to get it together or be left off a roster. Good post

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