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Winners of the Super Bowl Commercials


The Super Bowl was an epic battle between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks that went into the final minute, but there are no clear winners with Super Bowl Commercials, where advertisers paid $4 million for 30-second commercials and twice that for a one-minute clip.  Who were the winners?

One of the most talked about commercials was Kim Kardaahian West in her T-Mobile ad.  The curvaceous reality star and wife of hip hop artist Kanye West made certain her assets were showcased in an advertisement talking about data usage.

Fast and Furious 7 is the next film in the Fast and Furious series, and the first to be released since the death of Paul Walker, who filmed some of his last on-screen work.

One of the funniest commercials was from, who took Deflategate to the commercials by having a hashtag that said #DontTouchYourBalls.  During the same commercial break, #LeaveYourBallsAlone was used in an advertisement in which the character said they received complaints about the previous commercial.  The commercial for Clash of Clans, which used Liam Neeson reading lines while waiting in a coffee shop, was also funny.
The Bud Light commercial with a guy playing human Pac Man, literally mimicking the game by having to run around a life-size Pac Man game, complete with ghosts chasing him, was one of the better ones, and is there ever a bad time for a Victoria Secrets commercial?  I doubt it.

The Lip Sync Battle between Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart has been marked on my calendar, as these are three gentlemen who are funny alone, and I am certain they will be hilarious together.  Below are some comments that we got from some readers.

Vonda simply said “the commercials suck,” adding that nothing was funny and there were many depressing commercials.  Zorre Matthews said “Nationwide could have gone easy with irresponsible theme instead of tragedies and trauma.”

Anna Moore gave us her best and worst.  ”Best: Snickers with Danny Trejo and Steve Buschemi and worst, nationwide child death.”

As was the case with me, and many more, Antonio L. Davis said “when my TV went black my heart dropped,” while Carey Wood said “Fiat is easily winning the race for funniest and best commercial! Second best, goes to Budweiser. Other than that, it’s a no-show.”

Dori Longino said “the Doritos, Fiat, and Budweiser commercials are our favorite so far,” and Carolyn Jensen had similar favorites.  “I liked the Doritos, Budweiser and the Coke commercials.”  I didn’t mention the Coke commercial earlier, but I thought it was uplifting when the kid received a Tweet that said “No one likes you” and it was changed, through the power of Coca Cola, to say “There’s no one like you.”

Finally, Tiph L chimed in.  “I feel like there are more tear jerkers, and empowerment commercials than witty funny ones this year.  Of course, the real winners are those who have inspired action, so if you are inspired to switch service to T-Mobile, or purchase a Coca Cola or Bud Light today, then those are the ultimate winners.

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