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The End Of The Super Bowl Was No Conspiracy At All

Malcolm Butler picks pass to end game. (photo courtesy of

The Super Bowl came to an exciting end as the Seahawks drove all the way to the Patriots one-yard line, only to be denied by the heroics of New England defensive back Malcolm Butler. Previously, Butler had been victimized on a miraculous catch by Seattle wide receiver Jermaine Kearse. But he more than made up for it a couple plays later with his great anticipation of the route Seattle’s Ricardo Lockette was running. With his interception at the one yard line, the game was sealed and New England raised the Lombardi Trophy as champions once again. But for as many people that were talking about how great a game it was and the exciting ending, there were some that talked about a conspiracy. For some on social media, they could not understand why Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch did not get that football at the one-yard line when Seattle had some timeouts to use in order to stop the clock and run another play. So the natural reaction for some was to start the talk about the game being rigged. And like wildfire, all the different scenarios people came up with started to spread all around social media. But honestly, that game was not rigged at all. It was just an instance of a good play and a bad call.

Many times, offensive coordinators are trying to outguess what the defense is going to do. And in doing that, they can often outguess themselves instead of sticking to what they do best. This is the perfect way to describe what happened on the last play for Seattle’s offense. New England coach Bill Belichick kept his goal line defense on the field and was gearing up to stop the run on the play. Seattle’s offensive coordinator, Darrell Bevell, more than likely saw that and thought to run a pass play from the one-yard line. Seattle had three receivers on the field and had Kearse and Lockette staged behind one another. Butler, being that he had studied all week, knew what was coming and made a great play on the ball to seal the game. But in all actuality, if Bevell didn’t overthink the situation at this point and time, then Seattle is hoisting the Lombardi right now. The best player Seattle has on offense is Marshawn Lynch. Russell Wilson is the second-best player on that team. So in this instance, why not have both players involved and run the read option or something that involves both on the play? In that instance you put pressure on the perimeter of a defense that is lined up to stop something coming up the middle of the field at that point and time. This kind of play-calling is routinely what happens when an offensive coordinator overthinks a situation. And more often times than not, this is the result that happens. But Seattle Seahawks fans are used to Bevell making some head-scratching calls during games, it’s just the rest of America is now catching up to it. Many times Marshawn Lynch has been running the ball well, only to have Bevell go away from him and stall their offense. So for those that think this was a conspiracy and a one-game occurrence, watch more Seattle games or better yet, talk to a Seattle fan. They will tell you about Bevell and many will tell you about their disdain for him a lot of the time.

Another thing that conspiracy theorists need to understand is the size and speed of all the players that are involved in a football game. There can be huge guys out there on the field playing defensive tackle that can run like the win as well. It is truly hard to understand the speed at which these guys are playing unless you have actually seen it up close and personal. Many conspiracy theorists see these players playing on the field and think these players are moving at normal speed on the field. But in all actuality, these men are moving at breakneck speed all over the field. So, to ask them to coordinate where they fall here or tackle a guy at a certain spot would be extremely hard to do. And also, think of how many variables there are when a football game is going on. There is the weather(or the temperature inside a dome), injuries, techniques, tons of players on each side and there are also a ton of coaches. If these games were going to be rigged or the NFL was conspiring to have a certain outcome, then why would these teams practice separately? If they were going to conspire, wouldn’t they practice together like they were WWE wrestlers? For those that don’t know or are late to the party, the WWE is scripted as it can be but only works because they practice together and actually have writers that put together the storylines for them. So can someone tell me who does that for the NFL or do they call that storyline for each game the playbook? I highly doubt the Seahawks go through their playbook and practice plays for them not to work.

In the end, you have to understand that it was just a bad play call that kept the ball out of your Lynch’s hands. No, there was no conspiracy not to make Lynch the MVP. That is silly talk. But what happened was an offensive coordinator got so enamored with trying to outguess Belichick that he outguessed himself and played right into Belichick’s hands. And Seattle head coach Pete Carroll did not try to override his coordinator’s decision at all. This one fall on non-execution, a bad call and a great play by Butler. Nothing more than that. But one thing we can always count on is conspiracy theorists yelling that a game was rigged towards one team or outcomes. One thing you always have to remember when dealing with conspiracy theorists in sports, they will think long and hard enough to find a way to come up with a conspiracy theory. And more times than not, it’s to try to make something look a certain way in their mind instead of accepting what just happened right in front of their eyes. There was no conspiracy theory on Sunday night. The Patriots and Malcolm Butler just made the right play at the right time.

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  1. Lee Love

    February 7, 2015 at 3:42 pm

    when the play occured the first thought that came to mine was that seattle tried to fool new england with something they weren’t ready for but the joke was on seattle and the NE was ready made a great play and game over…the whole world be questioning the play call for eternity if fact even a portion of the seattle players will question some open and some in private…in the end it was a good read on the play by Malcolm Butler

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