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Josh Gordon And Josh Hamilton: A Tale Of Two Joshes

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Angels’ outfielder Josh Hamilton had been a revelation with the story of his recovery. As many know, he has battled some demons ever since he has been in Major League Baseball. And when it comes to drugs, it’s a daily battle no matter how long you have been clean. Recently, Hamilton admitted he had a relapse when he spoke with Major League Baseball. The relapse reportedly involves alcohol and cocaine. As soon as Hamilton acknowledged his incident, the outpouring of love was asked for and began to be poured out towards him. Players, media and fans began to feel bad over the relapse of Hamilton and many wished him well on his recovery. It’s interesting the reaction he gets during these times and no doubt the best should be wished for someone that is battling demons. But what about the demons that Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon is battling?

Josh Gordon was selected by the Cleveland Browns in the supplemental draft in 2012. Gordon was set to play with the University of Utah and coach Kyle Willngham, but decided to enter the NFL Supplemental draft instead. So the Browns felt like they could use what Gordon brought to the team. He had 50 receptions for over 800 yards his rookie season and then in his second season, he really broke out. Gordon recorded 1,646 yards and 9 touchdowns. It seemed like Gordon was on his way to making it big in the NFL. But he could not outrun his past unfortunately. Gordon was originally kicked out of the University of Baylor for a drug arrest he had. And those same concerns have continued to follow him to the NFL. In 2013, he was found in violation of the league’s substance abuse policy. That suspension caused him to miss two games to start the 2013 season. But even with missing those two games, he still led the NFL in receiving yards with 1,646 yards. In 2014, he would get in trouble again and get suspended again by the NFL. This time, he was suspended the entire year for the infraction, but Gordan was only suspended ten games. He played last season, but it seemed like he was not his usual self. His issues have been well-documented. Honestly, it seems like Gordon needs help and not the help that is needed on the football field. But instead it seems like he gets the worst treatment of any player that is out there.

Gordon and Hamilton are definitely going through their own issues in their own certain ways. Some would say that Hamilton had a handle on this issue at this point in his life. But the thing about addiction is it does not take not one day off. When you smile, cry, or laugh, a certain bit of emotion wells up. The same thing can be said of addition. Any and all things can trigger the responses when tipped off by addiction. Hamilton has an addition, but Gordon does as well. Of course, Hamilton has had an addiction since he entered Major League Baseball, but some seem to discount the connection Gordon has with addiction. What’s interesting is both these men get two totally different reactions. Some berate Gordon and feels he does not need to do anything but get things together and come back down here. Sure, he earns some of the reactions he gets. But the same people that come down on Gordon are the same ones that are uplifting Josh Hamilton because he apologized and accepted that he messed up. It is understood that some believe that Gordon’s level of addiction is something that is not that serious compared to Hamilton’s past. But that does not mean that Gordon’s issue is not important or deserves care. Let the media tell it, because he does some things that make you scratch your head, he is not worthy of words of support at this time? Imagine if the same people that are clapping and supporting Hamilton met him in Major League baseball with the drug issue that he had. It would be interesting to see if anyone had some encouraging words for him when he was acting out and not seeking help. And in that instance, Hamilton was a loose cannon that was suspended from Major League Baseball for over a year in the mid-2000s.

The tale of two Joshes has been interesting to watch. The public outpouring of love for Hamilton while Gordon is publicly shamed. He has made mistakes and those can happen while in a constant battle to make every day count for the better in the right direction. He acknowledged that he has not smoked marijuana since being a teenager. He also told the world that he had not smoked marijuana since 2012. Little is known if Gordon was telling the truth or not about marijuana, but there seems to be a lesser level of tolerance than there was for Hamilton. If the same tolerance was used by media outlets alone towards Hamilton, then his career may never have seen the light of day. All that can be said here is there are differences in how both have handled their addictions and both have had issues. But also both need the love and support of those around him and the fans that want to see them succeed. If you see Josh Gordon, give him a hug. Support him. You never know, he could have a reclamation like Hamilton had before the relapse recently. Both need support because addiction is not a game.

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  1. Dori Longino

    February 28, 2015 at 2:00 pm

    This suggests that marijuana is addictive which of coarse according to the “experts” it is not. I personally don’t agree with that as I believe it to be a gateway drug. I wouldn’t however put marijuana and cocaine in the same category.
    Either way, addition is a horrible disease and I wish them both the very best in their recovery!

    • Mike Patton

      February 28, 2015 at 2:02 pm

      The experts may say it isn’t but I disagree with them there. I don’t think marijuana and cocaine are similar at all. But addiction can make any drug more powerful.

  2. ASR

    February 28, 2015 at 2:31 pm

    Weed is not a drug it’s a herb and has many medicinal properties, too many to name. Alcohol and cigarettes are gateway drugs and kill thousands yealy, while weed has caused zero deaths. The weed laws in the NFL need to be revised neurologist’s studies have suggested that with head trauma herb has reversed and in many cases increased neurological functions in patients. Both Josh’s need to get their lives in order and need support not execration.

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