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TCU, Not Boise State, to Play for the National Championship By Aaron “The Inkwell” Smith November 9, 2010

Boy have the doors opened wide in Glendale, Arizona for the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs. Week ten in college football watched a number of top ranked teams bow out with losses. To no surprise , that sits quite well with the non-automatic  qualifier from the Mountain West conference.
The defending champions, the Alabama Crimson Tide, will not repeat this year because they were defeated by a smothering LSU team 24-21 in Baton Rouge, MS. There is a possibility of Alabama winning the SEC West if it can manage to beat the rising Auburn Tigers in the Iron Bowl in Week 13, November 26, 2010.
What needs to happen for Texas Christian is for Alabama to beat Auburn in two weeks for them to have a chance. TCU has 2 easy, winnable games against 7-2 San Diego State and 1-8 New Mexico. After dismantling and ending Utah’s nation leading 21 game home win streak  by beating the Utes 47-7. Now the Horned Frogs find themselves sitting pretty at number 3 behind number 1 Oregon and number 2 Auburn.
A number of one loss teams that could have leaped frog the Horn Toads in the BCS poll found their dreams shattered this Saturday. One loss teams from the power conferences would have back doored TCU if they would have won out the rest of the season. As mentioned, Alabama found itself with its second loss of the season. Oklahoma lost to Texas A&M with consecutive stops on the 1-yard line late in regulation, thereby losing 33-19.

The Missouri Tigers blew an early 14-3 lead at Texas Tech to go on and lose 24-17. That killed any chance of them advancing to the Big 12 Championship Game. With a win in that game the Tigers could have moved into a position to limit any chance of TCU advancing to Arizona.

The Arizona Wildcats had a shot, very small but possible, at the big game but they to succumbed to a loss this past weekend. They still had Oregon on the schedule and if they could have beaten the Ducks, ran the table, and finished 11-1 they would have made a strong argument to play for the title. They lost. So never mind. They were shredded, 42-17, by  a Stanford team that still has a miniscule shot at going to Glendale. They would need Oregon to lose twice so that they would have a shot at winning the Pac-10. Not happening.
And thanks to their own doing, TCU made their path a little clearer by beating down an undefeated Utah Utes team that was ranked number 6 in the nation. Not only did they knock Utah out of the national title race, they knocked them out of a BCS Bowl game and a chance to win the Mountain West title. So one loss has ruined Utah’s season at anything significant.

And then there were only four. Yes, there are only four unbeatens going into week 11 of the college football season. Oregon and Auburn sit up front while TCU and Boise State bring up a short rear. Ohio State and Wisconsin could put a wrinkle in the Horned Frogs intentions if one of them could win the Big Ten but three of the four top 4 teams have to lose. Michigan State has a slight, slight chance if they finish 11-1 but they haven’t garnered a strong enough national profile amongst the voting coaches and press. Nebraska could sneak in but they haven’t left their conference, much less the state of Nebraska.

Boise State is a very, very good team but the schedule they played was pillow talk soft and the one household name team they beat was at the beginning of the season. And that team, which is ranked at number 20 now, loss to a FCS school the following week. They have a game against 24th ranked Nevada but that won’t be enough to push them through. It is not all the Broncos’ fault. Nobody from the power conferences will play them home or away. I don’t know if it is economics or fear, but this hurts their chances of winning a national title and opens the doors wide open for a deserving TCU team.

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