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The Inkwell College Football Top Ten By Aaron “The Inkwell” Smith

1. Boise State- The Broncos just keep on winning and winning decisively. They shut out San Jose State 48-0 which doesn’t say much as far as competition but, Boise State wins the games they are supposed to.

2. Oregon- The “Quack Attack” was idle this week. That was good for some team not having to face this high potent offense.

3. TCU- The Horned Frogs are destroying anything laid in front of them. And they are playing great defense as well. With two shutouts and a field goal given up to BYU last week, look for them to continue dominating teams in hopes for a shot at a BCS Bowl.

4. Auburn- The Tigers are quietly beating up on its SEC counterparts while going undefeated. In a shootout versus Arkansas, Cam Newton thrusted himself into the Heisman race by leading his team to a record scoring win 65-43.

5. Michigan State- This team is 7-0. They have beaten Michigan and they are undefeated. What else must they do to get recognition?

6. LSU- The Tigers are undefeated and undefeated in the SEC. They have had a couple of close calls but they still are sporting a donut in the loss column. They had a bye week defeating McNeese State 32-10. The last time they were 7-0 they won a BCS title.

7. Oklahoma- The Sooners are rounding into shape. No one expected them to be this good this fast after the talent they lost to the NFL. The Sooners dismantled a defenseless Iowa State team 52-0.

8.Utah- How could you not like a team nicknamed the “Utes”? Most people don’t know what a “Ute” is but these Utes are undefeated. Utah shut down Wyoming’s run game to a tune of 67 yards on its way to a 30-6 win.

9. Alabama- The Crimside Tide bounced back after losing to South Carolina(who lost to Kentucky this weekend) by squeaking pass Ole Miss 23-10.

10. Wisconsin- The Badgers crack the top ten again by knocking off its first number 1 ranked team since 1981. Wisconsin manhandled, now number 11 in the AP Poll, Ohio State Buckeyes 31-18.

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