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The Inkwell Season Finale College Football Power Rankings By Aaron “The Inkwell” Smith December 8, 2010

1. Auburn Tigers- The Tigers finished one of the best seasons to date by humiliating a hot and upcoming South Carolina team in the SEC Championship Game in Atlanta, GA. The Tigers remained unbeaten and head to Arizona to play the undefeated Oregon Ducks on January 10 in the Tostitos BCS National Championship Game. This team may be one of the greatest teams ever with the way they dominated a highly competitive SEC that many experts say is the best football conference in the country. All I can say is Cam Newton.

2. Oregon Ducks- The Ducks continued their Pac-10 mastery by running away from instate rival Oregon State 37-20. LaMichael James rushed for a record breaking 1,682 yards, the most ever by a sophomore in the Pac-10. They will compete against the Auburn Ducks for the national championship on January 10 in the Tostitos BCS National Championship Game. LaMichael James is also a Heisman candidate but we all know where that trophy is going.

3. TCU Horned Frogs- The Horned Frogs finished off their season the way they have been doing all season and that is exploding on offense and shutting opponents down on defense. Next year the Frogs will belong to the Big East Conference which is a BCS conference. Although they have gone undefeated, they are a non-Automatic Qualifying school so they lost the opportunity to jump Oregon or Auburn in the BCS standings in order to play for the national championship. If they can put together another season like this next year they will have no problem being in the mix.

4. Wisconsin Badgers- They Badgers went on a tear winning their last seven games in dominant fashion to finish the season 11-1. The Badgers broke a school record by winning 11 games and scoring 70 points in two of their last three games. If it weren’t for that one loss they may have been playing Auburn instead of Oregon. That is how dominant this team was down the stretch.

5. Stanford Cardinals- The Cardinals had dreams of a national championship on their mind. Who wouldn’t after winning a school record eleven games. Unfortunately, they lost to the undefeated Oregon Ducks on October 2. Well, at least their only loss was at the hands of the Ducks who are vying for a national championship. The only way to build on this season is to go undefeated next season.

6. Ohio State Buckeyes- Since losing to Wisconsin on October 16 the Buckeyes went on gridiron vacation and relaxed their way to a 11-1 record, winning their last five games. They Buckeyes barely moved off of the lounge chair by beating teams by an average of 39-13.

7. Michigan State Spartans- It was a bad year to be in the Big Ten. They had three 11-1 teams and each loss came from one of those schools. In this case Wisconsin’s only blemish was the loss to Michigan State. Old Sparty went under the radar because of Wisconsin’s two 70 point outbursts in its last three games and Ohio State beating everyone in cruise control. Nevertheless, the Spartans had one of the best seasons in school history.

8. Arkansas Razorbacks- The Razorbacks lost only two games and that says a lot for a team that played in the SEC West, home of Alabama, LSU, and SEC Champion Auburn. Arkansas finished its season on a roll by winning its last six games, including a huge victory over LSU. And its only two losses came against SEC powerhouses Alabama and Auburn.  If it weren’t for those two losses they would have been ranked much higher.

9. Boise State Broncos- The Broncos played lights out all season but it all fell apart with that one loss against Nevada. It wasn’t a bad loss because the Wolf pack was also a one loss, nationally ranked team at the time. But that loss derailed all hopes of going undefeated and hopefully playing for the national title. I don’t think they would have gotten in but we will never know due to that disappointing loss. Boise State bounced back by trouncing a team that was 0-43 against AP ranked teams. The herd of horses hind kicked their way to 50-14 win over a horrible Utah State team.

10. Oklahoma Sooners- The Sooners finished their season by disposing of nationally ranked Nebraska Cornhuskers for the Big 12 Championship 23-20. They Sooners finished with a record of 10-2 and finished the season in a whirlwind by beating Texas Tech, Baylor, and Nebraska. No one expected them to be this good this early because many experts and polls had them finishing last or next to last in the Big 12. Credit Coach Bob Stoops for reloading on the run.

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