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The NFL Power Rankings Week 9 by Derrel “Jazz” Johnson

1.Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers are 6-2 after defeating the Cincinnati Bengals 27-21 on Monday night, and are one of six 6-2 teams. So why is Pittsburgh number one? With two-time Super Bowl winning starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger leading the offense and Troy Polamalu leading the defense that has allowed the least points in the NFL (123), the Steelers will be in any game they play this season and are a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

2.Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens defeated the Miami Dolphins 26-10, and have a legitimate claim to being the best team in football, as they have defeated two 6-2 teams, with quality victories against the New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers. A 2-2 record on the road needs to be improved, unless Baltimore continues to go undefeated at home.

3.New York Jets. The Jets snatched victory from the Detroit Lions in an overtime win, 23-20, after trailing 20-10 with under three minutes left and no time outs. Darrelle Revis claims to be 100%, and certainly looked like it, as he held Calvin Johnson to 1 reception and 13 yards. This may allow the Jets to blitz more in the second half of the season, getting more pressure to opposing quarterbacks.

4.New England Patriots. The Patriots were embarrassed Sunday by the Cleveland Browns 34-14 and looked bad on both sides of the ball. Tom Brady will have the offensive back on track, but the defense may struggle for the rest of the season in a tough conference.

5.The New York Giants. The Giants dismantled the Seattle Seahawks 41-7, and have laid their claim down as the best team in the National Football Conference. With a Super Bowl MVP quarterback at the helm, the New York Giants are certainly a team that has the confidence and talent to defend for a title.

6. New Orleans Saints. The high-powered Saints offense was at it again, defeating the Carolina Panthers 34-3. The frightening thing for other teams in the league? Reggie Bush will return soon and the Saints will have another offensive talent to make a run at a Super Bowl repeat.

7. Atlanta Falcons. Third-year quarterback Matt Ryan has the Falcons making a claim to be the best team in the conference. Michael Turner is having another good year, and the veteran leadership of Tony Gonzalez has the Falcons possibly making a deep playoff run, one that could lead to the Super Bowl.

8.Indianapolis Colts. A tough loss to the Philadelphia Eagles has dropped The Colts to 5-3, but they are a team that has been a staple at the top of anyone’s top 10 rankings in the Peyton Manning Era and continue to be so. Losing Pro Bowl Tight End Dallas Clark will hurt, but the Colt offense always seems to know how to put points on the board.

9. Green Bay Packers. In a game that was even uglier than the score indicates, the Packers embarrassed the Dallas Cowboys on national television 45-7. At 6-3, the Packers are starting to play well, despite a lot of injuries, and the coaching staff deserves a lot of credit for it.

10.Tennessee Titans. The Titans added all-time great Randy Moss to the team, and, with Chris Johnson and Vince Young, they now combine a potent running attack with perhaps the best deep threat in NFL history. A solid defense is among the best in the league.

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