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The Tim Tebow Complex

It always seems like Tim Tebow stirs the pot without ever doing much (photo courtesy of

The Philadelphia Eagles have made plenty of waves this offseason. The most recent ripple was the signing of running back DeMarco Murray, formerly of the Dallas Cowboys. But what happened today stirred the pot again. The Eagles, who seemed solid at quarterback after adding Sam Bradford via trade and re-signing Mark Sanchez, brought in another quarterback for a workout today. And this was not just any quarterback, but none other than former Broncos and Jets quarterback Tim Tebow. Immediately after ESPN’s Adam Schefter put out that news via social media, everyone began to talk about the quarterback people love and loathe. The followers of the former NFL quarterback looked at this tryout as a comeback while the loathers wanted the news to just go away. Ultimately, it was just a workout and the Eagles decided against signing Tebow for now. After all, Bradford is apparently a guy that Eagles coach Chip Kelly likes and Mark Sanchez is a highly-paid backup. But the social media damage has already been done and Tebow has become a topic again. Along with the tryout and social media talk about him, the familiar Tim Tebow complex came back again.

Tim Tebow is a magnet for attention. There are many that would love to see him succeed and there are others that would love nothing more than to see him fail. But the complex comes from a confusion of real life and the sport that Tebow wants to play. Tim Tebow is a role model to a lot of people. He has been widely known across the nation since he was a freshman at the University of Florida. And ever since, he has been known as a leader, competitor and all-around good guy on and off the field. It is because of that, he has garnered a ton of love from lots of people, football fans and casual fans alike. And as time grew on, the love for Tebow grew more and more and spiraled out of control into a phenomenon. The phenomenon was created by his knack for making great plays when his team needed them. But with all the heroic things that he did, the bad things were always missed by his loyal supporters. For example, everyone remembers the comeback the pass that Tebow threw to wide receiver Demaryius Thomas to win Denver’s playoff game versus the Pittsburgh Steelers. All the Tebow loved the moment and what happened. Some even were saying he was even destined for greatness. But what the lovers of Tebow missed was the completion percentage that he had in that game. Tebow was 10/21 for the entire game. And if some watched the game, there were some passes that were nowhere near the intended receivers. But instead of acknowledging the things he does not do well, some lovers of Tebow gloss over it and focus on what a good guy he is and what a leader he has been.

With the ones that loathe Tebow, there are a few factors that come into play. Of course the Tebow lovers are a huge source of ire for them. The loathers of Tebow cannot see the specialness that once was and take his pro career for what it was: not very good. And they certainly cannot stand it when a Tebow lover takes it to the next level and proclaims Tebow the next coming of a great quarterback. Loathers can be as bad as Tebow lovers sometimes though. It seem that they can always find a way to explain away anything good that he does. And for that, the lovers of Tebow butt heads with the loathers. It does not stop there for those that cannot stand Tebow though. Social media plays a part in the issues that some have with Tebow. The world of sport and social media can make events bigger than what they are sometimes. And with Tebow, it seemed like anything he did was made the biggest even that ever happened. Just like that, one thing he did would be the talk of the social media. And it would spill over into social media as well. It would be around so much that loathers were going crazy with Tebowmania running wild. The loathers would love more than anything for Tebow to go away and never play football again. But in all honestly, it seems as if whatever he does, the loathers will not like him anyway. He is portrayed as the clean-cut savior of America by some and those loathers irks some to no end. That portrayed image of greatness despite the numbers to match are seem to send them over the edge at all times. So with this workout with the Eagles, loathers are probably logging out of their social media accounts to dodge the Tebow talk.

The complex took another turn with the workout and once again old feelings of lovers and haters of Tebow returned to the surface. And along with that, the complex that he creates has returned as well. The loathers cannot separate the good guy from the football player he was while loathers go to the other extreme, throwing all of Tebow into one batch of bad things. Ultimately, both have to separate the good and the bad in regards to Tebow. He does a lot of good things. But the reality is that he was not a great quarterback in the NFL. Another reality is that this complex is not going to end anytime soon at this point. In fact, if he does ever make it back into the NFL, the hysteria that surrounds him will return as well. Tim Tebow may be a great person, but he causes overreactions on both ends of the spectrum. The Tim Tebow complex lives on.

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  1. Dori Longino

    March 17, 2015 at 12:23 pm

    As you know he’s always on the list for the Veterans Combine. Personally I understand not wanting to give up on your passion but the fact is he’s made a great name and reputation for himself in sports media. Why go backwards? It seems to me this kids destined for greatness whatever he does. Personally I hope he continues to move forward.

  2. Rob Thomas Brown

    March 17, 2015 at 12:37 pm

    I wish Tebow would stop being so stubborn, stop trying to play QB and agree to play TE.

  3. Lee Love

    March 21, 2015 at 1:24 pm

    one thing for sure what ever this guy does he makes news

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