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Tony Stewart And Kevin Ward Jr.: More Than Just Who Was Wrong

Tony Stewart has had a stressful last few days( picture courtesy or

Tony Stewart is one of the most well-known racers on the NASCAR circuit. His competitive fire is known to run deep in anything and everything he tries. He is also known for being somewhat of a hothead at times. But this past Saturday, it seems that fire led to an incident that will forever be remembered by two parties: Tony Stewart and the family of Kevin Ward Jr. Here is the film of the incident that left us all cringing and sick (WARNING!!!! Graphic Video):

As you all saw, Stewart and Ward were in a heated battle to gain the advantage. Stewart clipped Ward and sent him spinning out, effectively ending his race. Who was to know the end of his life was soon to follow? And now because of a few actions, Ward is dead and the world is wondering what the intentions were behind all of this? Did Stewart’s temper get the best of him? Was Ward wrong for getting out of his vehicle and losing his temper?

The question about who was right or wrong in this incident seems to have taken over social media. Plenty have discussed whether Ward should not have been on the track along with speculating that Stewart did or did not mean to hit Ward. Was Ward wrong to get out on the track like he did? Yes he was. Did Stewart intentionally hit him? Only Stewart and maybe those close to him know that answer. But the thing that keeps getting lost in this all is a man lost his life. Nevermind how it happened and who was at fault, a human being lost his life. The authorities are not pressing any charges at this time and are still looking into the matter. But no matter how you slice it, Tony Stewart killed a man. And for that, there may be some consequences coming his way. Fair or unfair depending on how you see it, Stewart is going to pay a price for the death of Kevin Ward Jr.

But the price Stewart will pay is much more than just something physical that can happen. If he gets 10 years or 10 months in jail, he can never run from the events of that night in his mind. Imagine going to bed with the memory of what happened to Ward constantly replaying in your head? Those thoughts could be nibbling at the core of Stewart at this point. And when mental torment comes, it can lead to depression. I wish no harm upon anyone like that, but this is the reality of what could be going through Stewart’s mind right now. Even though he is living after this accident, a part of Tony Stewart died in that night. Now he has to figure out how he can live with what he was a part of. The mental enslavement of Stewart shook him enough to take an indefinite leave from racing, and he could never be the same race car driver again. Stewart, even though we don’t know all the details and if any intent was there, will have to live with this accident for the rest of his life.

You never know when things will happen in life. There could be laughter and joy filling your soul and in an instant, that could change completely. Both had culpability in the accident. But as it stands now, the soul of Kevin Ward Jr is gone to a different place and Stewart is still here living with the mental anguish of what happened Saturday night.

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