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What are your Predictions for the Mets and Yankees?

New York Yankees Captain Derek Jeter Will Retire at the end of the Season

New York Yankees Captain Derek Jeter Will Retire at the end of the Season

I am posting my predictions so that I am on the record, but what are yours?

I think the goal for the New York Mets is to go 82-80. When Matt Harvey went down for the year, that eliminated the possibility for the Mets to compete this season for a wildcard or even a division title. I do think they need to improve, and an 82-80 season, or better, would be the building block the organization would need to take the next steps, first in free agency, then on the field, to try to win 90+ games in 2015 with the return of Harvey and others. The core of young Mets pitching gives the fan base hope for the not-too-distant future.

With Derek Jeter announcing that he will retire at the end of the season, this season will be remembered fondly by New York Yankees fans. While there are hopes of the Yankees bringing hope a championship in the final season for Jeter, I think there are too many unknowns. How will Jeter play coming off of a severe injury at his age? How will Masahiro Tanaka , who is being paid $25 million per year if you take on the posting fee, perform in his first year as a Major Leaguer? How will CC Sabathia bounce back? Will Mark Teixeira ever be the same player? I think the Yankees will win about 87 games, which will put them just out of the playoffs.

Feel free to post your predictions for the 2014 Major League Baseball season.

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