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When is the Other Shoe Going to Drop By Marc “Razz” Rasbury


When is the other shoe going to drop? When will the clock strike midnight and the football turns back into a pumpkin? For the past month, the Jets have been lucky more than they have been good. They have gone 3-1 over that period but they have looked impressive over the final minutes of each game. You can look at their 7-2 record and put them among the elite of the NFL. However, one would think that they cannot continue to play with fire.

The Jets’ 26-20 victory over the Browns this weekend is a microcosm of this season. They take the lead late in the contest or need a miraculous comeback to snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat. This was a game, like the Denver and Detroit contests, which had “defeat” written all over it.

In the third quarter, Gang Green marched down the field consuming almost ten minutes of the clock only to come away with no points. Nick Folk missed three field goals. And the vaunted defense, after shutting down the Browns for most of the second half, let Colt McCoy take his team down the field to tie the game with less than three minutes to go. Just like Denver and Detroit games, the Jets still won the game.

But can Gang Green continue to bank on this string of luck and stop waiting until last the six minutes of the game to really start playing? You may look at the collective records of Denver, Detroit and Cleveland and say that these were bad teams, but all three are better than their records indicate. Hell, the Browns dismantled the Patriots two weeks ago. The Patriots are the same team that humiliated the Steelers over the weekend. With a few breaks Denver, Detroit and Cleveland could all have above .500 records, so they beat some good teams along the way.

If you want to look for something positive to come out of this stretch besides the victories, you can look at the play of Mark Sanchez. Not only did he win these games leading his squad back from the dead but he has earned the respect of his teammates as well as the rest of the League. In all three games, he led the Jets from come behind or overtime victories. As a matter of fact, he won two games in OT, on the road no less.

So I hope that Gang Green takes advantage of this string of luck and gets these mistakes that put them in the come from behind mode in the first place, out of their system. I guarantee you that they cannot survive the penalties and drop balls against the likes of Pittsburgh and New England later on in the season

This could be a special year for Gang Green. They just can’t reach their potential playing like they did against Denver, Detroit and Cleveland. Let’s hope that the last month was a bad dream that they awoke from, realizing that it was just a nightmare and they still are 7-2.

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