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Jameis Winston: The Misunderstanding

Jameis Winston and Jimbo Fisher share a moment (photo courtesy of

The Florida State Seminoles and Jameis Winston had been rolling for 29 straight games. They steamrolled the competition on the way to winning the National Title in the 2014 BCS Championship game. And in the 2014 regular season, Florida State was pushed to the limit numerous times, but ultimately came up with the win. Well, with a new year brought new results. The Seminoles were routed 59-20 against Oregon. The Ducks definitely had things clicking on all cylinders while the Seminoles let the momentum get away from them pretty quickly in the second half. The streak was halted by the Ducks and just like that, Oregon is moving to the Championship game. What the Seminoles accomplished was truly outstanding and there is no doubt they will have many professional players off this team. But their highest profile player, Jameis Winston, has taken the attention again. The polarizing figure has caused a stir again with how he was in the second half.

Winston is usually a dominating personality when he is on the field. He can be seen at times yelling out instructions and barking out commands to get his teammates in the right position. But one scene in particular captured a lot of people’s attention on Thursday night. Jameis was scrambling around and fumbled the football while trying to get rid of it. The result of the play was Oregon defender Tony Washington scooping up the fumble and taking it in for a touchdown. The Seminoles, down a couple scores at the time of the fumble, were definitively put away with that one play, and the frustration seemed to be evident on the sidelines. Winston seemed to be arguing with his head coach, Jimbo Fisher. And Fisher can be seen saying to Winston, “If you don’t calm down, you’re going to the bench.” Of course, plenty were taking this spat and running with it. Some casual observers began to call him “uncoachable” while others said that “it would hurt his draft stock”. This loss was the first loss of his college career and it did not look good to many the way he bickered back and forth with his head coach on the sideline. But what I would caution people to do is to exercise some caution becoming an “armchair evaluator”.

The spat between Winston and head coach Jimbo Fisher no doubt did not look good. But the question I have is who knows what kind of relationship they have with each other? Many times we all like to observe things and come to conclusions based off what we see. Sometimes we could end up right, but in other instances, we could end up being dead wrong. Who can forget the time last season when Dallas Cowboy wide receiver was seen being very demonstrative on the sideline towards his team. Many observed that and started saying “what is he doing” and “there goes Dez losing it again”. Well, after closer examination, his teammates actually had no issue at all with him doing anything he did. In fact, it was viewed as being more of a talk to get folks going than anything. But because of the observation without the sound, many looked at it as a blowup by Dez on the sideline and that he was being about himself there.

I stated that story just to let everyone know that not everything is what we perceive it to be. Sometimes people that are around each other a lot have a relationship that we, as casual observers, will not understand. And when people don’t understand, sometimes they draw conclusions without having all the information. In this case, it has been shown that Jameis and Jimbo Fisher have a close relationship as player and coach. I think more of this is being made of it than what it is due to the track record of Jameis. Because of the stuff off the field, the opinion of him on the field has been changed by many. In fact, many probably want him to lose and look bad than be successful and win. I think eventually this shall pass and that teams will get to make their own observations when they bring him in to pick his brain. Of course he has been involved in some things that make you scratch your head off the field, but on the field he does nothing but produce when it counts the most minus this most recent moment. Hopefully going forward, he will do better with his off-the-field things, but on the field he is a proven winner with a track record for making it happen. I believe that will be the overriding factor for teams drafting him and not one moment in the Rose Bowl. Jameis fashions himself as a leader on the field and he does make it happen as the leader of a team. And that is what NFL teams love to see. It is also what they will want to evaluate him on and not one moment in time in the Rose Bowl.

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  1. Dori Longino

    January 4, 2015 at 4:44 pm

    What I saw was a young man who didn’t deal well once he knew the game was going south with little to no chance of recovery. That doesn’t make him a bad QB, it makes him immature. I don’t think he’s ready to play with the big boys just yet. I hope he does indeed stay in school for another year at least.

    • Mike Patton

      January 4, 2015 at 7:34 pm

      I think he is ready on the field but he still has some things to work on off the field.

  2. Robyn

    January 4, 2015 at 7:31 pm

    The media decides whom they want to make a villain or a hero. Its the fans who decide to run with the media’s choice or not. Winston is in the public eye as much as Manziel and Tebow were in their college days. Manziel will never get respect of the media ( no matter what he does )and the fans will never respect Tebow even though he did something tremendous this week . All 3 sometimes help(ed) the media with their behavior and still do. Brady is called out of control when he has gone off ( last year vs Jets and this year The Chiefs). Winston , like Manziel dont think before they do anything – is it age ( sometimes ) is it cocky stupid crap (YES and the media/ fans eat off of this instance ) – The problem is the media will decide and Coaches may choose to act the way they believe public opinion warrants. Its sad actually , we are talking about careers .

  3. Lee Love

    January 5, 2015 at 9:37 pm

    I agree with the opinions made in this write up too much made out of the “sideline” discussion between coach and player, it happens all the time in business and family settings where tensions are running high then afterwards all is good. I’m of the opinion that Winston will make a good pro he’s still a kid and they all don’t mature at the same rate.

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