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Woody Johnson says Idzik & Ryan could have stayed with Jets


by Lloyd Carroll

Last week the New York Jets introduced both their new general manager, Mike Maccagnan, and their new head coach, Todd Bowles.

Maccagnan, who was in charge of college scouting for the Houston Texans and grew up in Hightstown, New Jersey, which is the mythical halfway point between New York and Philadelphia, has the voice of a mellifluous radio broadcaster.

Todd Bowles knows that he has a tough job ahead replacing the personable Rex Ryan. He seemed a bit stiff in the early Q&A exchanges but loosened up considerably when he was asked about his personality. “I have so many sides to me that I am like a male Sybil,” he said with a laugh that went over well with the press.

Jets owner Woody Johnson said some interesting things that were not picked up by the dailies or electronic media. He admitted that he knew that the 2014 Jets did not have a lot of talent and that he might not have fired general manager John Idzik and coach Rex Ryan had they been on the same page regardless of the team’s record. The fact that it was an open secret that neither man was enthralled with the other cost them both their jobs.

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